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Why Suga ‘Scolded’ BTS ARMYs at His Seoul Concert? Fan Attending Show Explains ‘We Were Scared…’

BTS member Suga was on a solo tour.

BTS member Suga was on a solo tour.

BTS member Suga was seen ‘scolding’ a section of fans for not getting up and dancing with everyone else during his Seoul concert. Watch video here.

Over the weekend, Suga of BTS hosted his D-Day concert in Seoul. While he surprised fans on Saturday by inviting PSY to perform That That with him, he hosted the Maknae Line — Jimin, V and Jungkook — at his Sunday concert. While videos of both the highlights have gone viral, another video from the concert over the weekend revealed Min Yoongi ‘scolding’ a section of fans at the show.

Turns out, he was scolding them for not getting up from their seats at joining the rest of the stadium in dancing. As reported by Koreaboo, Suga was performing the hit song Burn It when he noticed that a section of the audience was dancing in their seats. The person who posted the incident, who was also attending the show, took to Twitter and revealed that the rapper, whose alter ego is Agust D, yelled into the mic, “No, but you guys are still sitting?”

The fans did not think twice before getting up and joining the crowd. Explaining the reason behind enjoying the show seated, the Twitter user explained, “We were scared to stand up bcs we might Block people’s view if we don’t all get up so when yoongi ended up scolding us we got up in 0.00001s lmao.”

A video of him scolding fans has also surfaced online and it has gone viral.

Min Yoongi is the only member of BTS who has gone on an official solo tour across the globe. The rapper kicked off his tour at Belmont Park, New York, last April and has been travelling to different countries since then.

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