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When Actor Vadivelu Allegedly Beat Kadhal Sukumar For Acting Like Him In Movies

Vadivelu was last seen in Maamannan.

The incident reportedly took place when Kadhal Sukumar when to visit Vadivelu at a hospital with a bouquet of flowers.

The actor and director Kadhal Sukumar has never looked back after starring in the movie Kaadhal which was released in 2004. Prior to that, he was a mere actor who shared a resemblance with the veteran actor and comedian Vadivelu of the Tamil cinema industry. Kadhal Sukumar earned recognition in the film fraternity after his appearance on a television program titled Oorvambu which used to air on Raj TV. He later became a director with the movie Thiruttu VCD in 2015.

However, the actor has also experienced a fair amount of bitterness from his co-actors during his career. As per reports, during an interview, Sukumar said that he was allegedly beaten by Tamil actor Vadivelu for acting like him in the past. This interview has now gone viral as Vadivelu has been trending for his performance in his recently released film Maamannan.

In the interview, Sukumar said that he was committed to the movie Kalakalappu (2001) when he was asked to act like Vadivelu in the film. Initially, he refused to act like him stating the reason that if you want me to act like the veteran comedian then you can hire him. “However, Ponnambalam and I acted in that scene together,” added Sukumar.

He almost acted like Vadivelu in the film, as per reports. He further said that around this time, the health of Vadivelu was not well and Muthukaalai and Bonda Mani asked him to visit the actor. After hearing this, Kadhal Sukumar immediately rushed to the hospital with a bouquet of flowers as he used to admire Vadivelu for his acting and comedy. He reportedly used to call him his guru.

After spending some time at the hospital, Bonda Mani and Muthukaalai left the place while Vadivelu asked the actor to stay back, said Kadhal Sukumar during an interview as quoted by Hindustan Times Tamil.

Vadivelu asked Kadhal Sukumar whether he will act like him in every show or movie as he was quite famous for resembling him in that way. To this, Sukumar replied that he will not do this in cinema. Vadivelu later asked him about his latest movie project and role. He wanted to if he was acting like him in this movie.

Kaadhal fame star replied that he had to do it as it was the only choice he had at that time. And before he could complete his sentence, someone from behind allegedly hit him on his head and pushed him down, added Kadhal Sukumar. He further told the media that he promised the actor he would not do this anymore and will leave the town.

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