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Watch: Arijit Singh Gets A Sweet Surprise From Fan In The Middle Of Concert

Published By: Shrey Khanna

Last Updated: December 06, 2023, 19:20 IST

He was gifted a photo of his mother. (photo Credits: Instagram)

In the middle of a soulful concert performance, a fan from the crowd handed over a photo frame to Arjit Singh.

Celebrities experiencing fans going the extra mile to greet and meet them is no longer a surprise. In a recent incident, Arijit Singh, the musical virtuoso of the Indian music scene, turned heads not just for his chart-topping tunes but for his down-to-earth and humble approach that stole the spotlight.

A heartwarming fan moment featuring Arijit Singh went viral on Instagram. In the midst of a soulful concert performance, a fan from the crowd handed over a photo frame to Singh. What unfolded next was a poignant pause in the melody, a momentary distraction for the maestro as he received a precious photo frame of his mother.

But Arijit Singh didn’t just bask in the moment; he seamlessly continued singing while cradling the frame. He gave a thumbs up to the fan, expressing his gratitude and handed over the frame to one of his assistants present at the spot. Meanwhile, the crowd roared with a collective “We love you, Arijit” in the background, making it a memorable and heartwarming moment.

The comment section overflowed with admiration and affection for this heartwarming gesture. One user expressed, “He is such a humble star. So rooted to his basic life.” Another commented, “This man has my whole heart.” The post was flooded with an abundance of heart emojis from other users.

In 2021, Arijit Singh faced a heartbreaking loss when his mother, Aditi Singh, passed away at the age of 52 in a Kolkata hospital. Despite successfully recovering from COVID-19 and testing negative for the virus, Aditi Singh tragically succumbed to a cerebral stroke during her treatment.

Numerous online videos have surfaced that show Arijit Singh remains firmly rooted and leads a lifestyle that closely resembles that of an ordinary person. In a video shared on Facebook in May, Singh was seen casually strolling towards his scooter, carrying a simple shopping bag. Upon kickstarting the scooter, he engages in friendly exchanges with his neighbours.

Recently, Arijit Singh secured the top spot as the most-streamed artist on Spotify Wrapped India 2023.

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