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Turkish Actor Burak Deniz Visits ISKON Temple In Mumbai, Fans Appreciate His Gesture!

Turkish Actor Burak Deniz recently visited India to attend an FICCI event in Mumbai. The actor is continuously uploading pictures and videos from his visit to India on social media. In between this, the thing which is attracting his fans is how he is respecting Indian culture.

On Saturday, Burak Deniz posted some pictures on Instagram in which he can be seen sitting in an ISKON temple with folded hands. In another picture, the ISKON priest is putting a garland on the actor and he seems to be enjoying it. The glimpses of Radhe Krishna idols and the ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ song in the background can be seen and heard respectively in the uploaded video by Burak.

Posting the pictures of ISKON temple, Burak wrote:

‘India India…it was an excellent experience, Thank You !’  

He also added an Indian flag’s emoji and red heart with the caption. Apart from pictures of the temple, Burak also shared a video in which he is seen grooving on the Indian song “Maine Pucha Chand Se” sung by three girls in his car. 

Fans Applauded Burak Deniz’s Gesture

Burak Deniz in India

Fans of Burak Deniz are appreciating the actor’s gesture of respecting Hindu culture despite being a Muslim. An instagram user commented under Burak’s post:

“U were here in India, I can’t believe and you went to the Krishna mandir ..thanks for respecting our culture love you more now”

Another Instagram user commented:

“Hey Great u went to Krishna mandir. It shows your respect towards all religions. Lord Krishna Bless You. Lots of Love From India.❤️”

Trolling For Visiting Temple

As much as fans are appreciating the efforts of Burak Deniz, there is a section of people who are trolling him for visiting a temple. While some netizens are calling it a sin and expressing their disappointment, some are questioning his gesture. Let’s have a look on the related comments:

“Afsos for raha hai culture ko importance dene mandir tak pahunch gaye ? astagfirullah..?”

“Burak Deniz was my favorite actor and as much as I know him, he is a Muslim but here he is seen in India worshiping idols, which hurts me as a Muslim, Burak Deniz I am no longer your fan, I unfollowed you.”

“Bro visiting India was fine but you are Muslim you shouldn’t be among statue worshippers??what is this behavior burak?”

Burak Deniz And Hande Ercel To Work Together Again 

Burak Deniz and Hande Ercel

Burak Deniz is a famous name in the Turkish drama. He got international fame through the superhit drama Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan. His portrayal of Murat Salsimaz in the show along with his chemistry with Hande Ercel won millions of hearts. Later, his other dramas Bizim Hikaye and Marasali also became popular in India and other countries. The actor will soon share screen space with Hande Ercel in an upcoming Turkish drama. He will play the role of a Journalist in the show.

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