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Suga Inviting IU to His Concert to Duo Performing ‘Eight’; Friendly Banter That Stole Limelight on Palette

Published By: Srijita Sen

Last Updated: April 11, 2023, 11:51 IST

Suga and IU on the latter’s show Palette

At one point, BTS rapper Min Yoongi aka Suga also playfully teased IU for not inviting him as a guest for her concert.

In a recent episode of K-Pop soloist Lee Ji Eun, better known as IU’s popular show IU’s Palette, fans were treated to a surprise appearance by none other than Min Yoongi, A.K.A. Suga, from the iconic K-Pop boyband BTS. As soon as Suga stepped onto the set, the atmosphere was electric, with members of the ARMY and UAENA eagerly anticipating what the two stars had in store for them. What followed was a candid and entertaining conversation that revealed the close bond between the two artists and provided insights into their creative processes as musicians.

From the start, it was clear that IU and Suga shared a special rapport. At one point, the rapper playfully teased IU for not inviting him as a guest for her concert. Since the two had collaborated on IU’s hit track Eight, it only seemed fair to Suga. To this, the BTS star asked her, “Why won’t you invite me?” The two then shared a good laugh, setting the tone for a conversation that was equal parts funny and insightful.

Yoongi joked, “This is off the record but… When you were doing your concert I had no other schedules.” He even went on to share that during that time he actually went on to attend an acquaintance’s wedding. To this, IU went on to explain that since the rapper only had a small rap section in the song, she did not want to burden him by asking him to come only for the opening of the concert.

If fans think that is where the banter ended, they are in for a lot more that would make them smile from ear to ear. The BTS star came up with a wonderful solution and it has something to do with the dream team’s next collaboration on People Pt. 2. “Then this would work. When I’m doing my concert please come to sing. Please come to my concert,” Suga said. IU admitted that the rapper was great at “alluring people away.”

The excitement reached its peak as IU and Suga surprised fans with a much-anticipated live collaboration. The duo flawlessly harmonized as they performed their hit song “Eight”, which has taken the world by storm since its release. It was a moment that fans had been eagerly anticipating, and IU and Suga did not disappoint.

As they sang, it was clear that IU and Suga’s chemistry was not limited to their conversation. They seamlessly blended their voices together, creating a truly magical moment for fans. The live performance was a perfect demonstration of the incredible talent and versatility of both artists, and it left fans wanting more.

For IU’s “Palette” show, singing on screen has become somewhat of a tradition, and the live collaboration with Suga was no exception. In fact, there is a bit of a hidden treasure in the performance for fans who enjoy the BTS star’s singing voice.

Members of the ARMY and UAENA can also look forward to the upcoming collaboration between the two of the biggest K-pop stars in People Pt.2. This is a pre-release track that will be included in Suga’s first official solo album, D-DAY, set to be released on April 7. Fans can expect the final part of the Agust D trilogy to be out on April 21 at 1 PM KST (9:30 AM IST).

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