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Ranbir Kapoor’s Song Choice on Indian Idol Reveals Personal Bond with Daughter Raha Kapoor

In a recent episode of Indian Idol, Ranbir Kapoor shared a touching insight into his family life by revealing the songs he enjoys with his daughter, Raha. A contestant’s curiosity led to the revelation of the actor’s preferred tunes for these special moments.

Known for his charm and private nature, Ranbir Kapoor’s response added a heartfelt touch to the show. With a warm smile, he disclosed that his cherished songs for these occasions are the globally beloved “Baby Shark” and the soothing lullaby “Lala Lala Lori.” This revelation not only brought a tender dimension to Ranbir’s public persona but also highlighted the universal appeal of music in fostering family bonds.

Ranbir’s choice of songs for his daughter Raha

Ranbir’s disclosure sparked positive reactions on social media, with fans appreciating the actor’s choice of heartwarming songs. The acknowledgement of “Lala Lala Lori” as a lullaby showcased Ranbir Kapoor’s appreciation for the simplicity and emotional depth that music can bring to family life. The episode not only showcased Ranbir’s affectionate and paternal side but also resonated with audiences who could relate to the joy found in these timeless melodies. As the Bollywood star continues to navigate the balance between public and private life, his openness about the music that shapes his family moments added a relatable and heartwarming chapter to his public narrative.

Raha’s face has not been revealed yet

The contestant’s question provided a glimpse into the actor’s more personal playlist, revealing that “Lala Lala Lori” holds a special place as a lullaby in the Kapoor household. The recognition of this gentle and calming song added an endearing layer to the discussion, emphasizing the importance of shared moments of comfort and joy.

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