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Rajesh Khanna, Shah Rukh Khan’s former chauffeur Kabira passes away – Beyond Bollywood

The popular driver, fondly known as Lucky Mascot, was known for leaving the actors once they became superstars.

By Our Correspondent

Shah Rukh Khan with late Kabira

In life you need someone to drive you to your destiny.  Kabira Kamble did that for a living as he was the chauffeur for some of the biggest super stars in Hindi cinema. The well-respected Kabira sadly passed away two days ago [11 May]. His son Hirdesh informed close acquaintances. In time we expect to know more of the passing away of the well-respected personality in the film industry.

In his long career, Kabira served super stars like Dharmendra, who called him his lucky charm.  He then drove Rajesh Khanna, who would go on to become India’s first super star.  Later, he served stars like Mithun Chakraborty and Shah Rukh Khan.  

Kabira was called the lucky mascot as whosoever he served, ended up becoming a super star. Interestingly, once they became stars, Kabira chose to discontinue his service to them.  Shah Rukh Khan even mentioned of Kabira during an appearance on a comedy show. The super star had disclosed how after doing some ten films, Kabira left him. It was a testimony of the respect he enjoyed among these stars.

SRK comments about Kabira on a TV show. Video source: Hirdesh Kamble

Kabira is survived by his son Hirdesh Kamble, who is a film director.  Hirdesh had directed the acclaimed film Pranali [2008]. We offer our condolences to the family.

Here’s looking at some memorable moments of Kabira’s life..

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