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Korean Star Park Hyung Sik Breaks Silence On Dating Rumours With Park Bo Young

Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: February 02, 2024, 13:16 IST

Park Hyung Sik dismissed the dating rumours. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Their on-screen chemistry led to speculations that Park Hyung Sik and Bo Young were dating in real life.

Park Hyung Sik, widely recognised for his role as the male lead, Ahn Min Hyuk in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, recently gave some reasons why the drama’s crew suspected a romantic connection between him and co-star Park Bo Young, who played the female lead named Do Bong Soon. The pair quickly became extremely popular among K-Drama enthusiasts, solidifying their status as one of the most beloved couples in the genre’s history so far. Fans of the duo also speculated that their on-screen chemistry extended beyond the series, creating a buzz when they reunited for a cameo in Strong Girl Nam Soon.

This conversation took place during a conversation featuring Na PD and Park Shin Hye, both discussing Park Hyung Sik’s unique way of making eye contact. Na PD shared insights into the actor’s mesmerising gaze, suggesting that it could make people “fall in love.” Park Shin Hye confirmed this perspective, acknowledging the impact of Hyung Sik’s interactions and greetings, reports Allkpop.

In the video, Park Hyung Sik humorously connected this charming quality back to his time on Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. He confessed that his on-screen look at Park Bo Young had even led the cast to assume a potential romantic relationship between them.

Hyung Sik also shared an anecdote about Bo Young countering these rumours by highlighting that he looked at the director with the same intense gaze.

“When I was filming Do Bong Soon, I guess I looked at her in a way that had people asking if we had something going on,” said Park Hyung Sik. According to him, Bo Young jokingly suggested to the director, “Director, I will film you (with Hyung Sik) and watch how he looks at you. He looks at you the same way.”

Watch the video here:

The online community couldn’t help but notice that all conversations in the video seemed to gravitate back to Park Bo Young, solidifying the crew’s perception that something more might be happening between the two. Park Shin Hye’s reaction in the clip further emphasised Park Hyung Sik’s charismatic impact on people.

The duo have clarified and dismissed their dating rumours earlier too. During an interview dating close to the conclusion of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Park Bo Young praised her co-star’s lively presence on set, mentioned Soompi.

She highlighted Hyung Sik’s abundant aegyo (cute gestures) and described how he brought energy to the set with enthusiastic shouts of “Good luck to us all!”

Bo Young clarified that although their constant banter initially led the staff to suspect a romantic connection, they were simply practising their lines together. She expressed her enjoyment of working with him, revealing that the lively atmosphere on set was largely thanks to Hyung Sik’s playful approach.

“At first, the staff thought there was something going on between us because we were talking so much. But they then realized that we were actually just practicing our lines together. I had fun working with him,” said Park Bo Young

Despite both actors having moved on to new projects, the imagined romance between Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young continues to be fervently supported by fans of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. The enduring charm and chemistry between the two actors leave a lasting impression on fans of the beloved K-Drama.

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