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Heather Gay Finally Uncovers the Backstory Behind Her Black Eye ; Truth Inside

The RHOSLC (The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City) star Heather Gay finally uncovers the truth behind her black eye. At last, the secret opened after so much confusion in the film industry, of how heather GIay got the black eye. There was a rumor that happened to say, that she had been beaten up, which made all the scratches on her face and the black spot clear. Look at what the actress says…

Gay revealed, “I blacked out, she said in part 1 of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.” Gay said that “I didn’t know how it happened, when I woke up it was etched on my face and I’d terrified. I was in my pajamas, my phone was plugged in, and somehow I scared my co-stars in the end.”

Fan’s reaction to her answer was “both yes and no to the question at the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.” Things further developed into chaos, RHOSLC star Lisa Barlow fired up to investigate how heather gay got hurt, and what happened to her. This is how the Hollywood cinema industry works now…

Gay claimed, “when the production came into my room, I told them, that I had no idea, I had no memory, and then it spun out of control after that, and I take full responsibility and I am really sorry that is terrifying.”

The further talk explored around the corner, from bad Mormon author said, ‘she became so emotional and started to cry after she expressed how she felt the Mormon shape at the humiliating and terrifying thought of blacking out.’

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