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Armaan Malik’s First Wife, Payal Malik Admitted To Hospital After The Delivery Of Twins!

The well-known YouTuber Armaan Malik recently provided a worrying update about his wife Payal Malik, who is struggling after giving birth to her twins. The situation deteriorated as Payal developed a patch of pneumonia and began to vomit blood. The physicians admitted her to the hospital to ensure she received the proper care and attention.

Payal’s health complications post-delivery

Payal is in a stressful circumstance because of her health problems and separation from her just-born babies. She was seen sobbing uncontrollably in a recent Vlog as Kritika Malik, Armaan’s second wife, sought to console her. Payal is having difficulty dealing with her health issues and misses essential opportunities to spend time with her children.

Armaan’s support for Payal during this difficult time

Armaan Malik’s work-related commitments have been postponed so that he may support Payal during this challenging time. He reserved the most excellent room in the hospital for her to ensure she receives the care and attention she needs. Armaan has been providing updates on Payal’s condition in his vlogs, and his followers are hoping for a quick recovery.

The anguish has only increased because Payal is separated from her twins, who are seven weeks old. It is only standard for a mother to want to be with her kids as they develop, and the separation may be frightening, especially when health issues are involved.

Kritika’s support for Payal

Kritika, on the other hand, had consistently supported Payal, bringing their son Ayan to see her and even sobbing when she first laid eyes on the twins. It is crucial to remember that Payal’s health is highly significant and that the twins’ well-being depends on her recovery.

Payal can benefit significantly from the love and support of Armaan, Kritika, and their supporters as she struggles through this challenging period. We can only hope and pray for Payal to fully recover and be reunited with her children.

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