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‘You Won’t Get It…’: Kajol Refuses To Pose For Paparazzi; Users Troll, Call it Overacting

Kajol Devgan, known for her witty and humorous demeanor, has once again made headlines. Recently, the actress was seen during the promotion of her upcoming web series ‘The Trial,’ and a video of her has surfaced. In the video, Kajol can be seen refusing to pose for the paparazzi, frustrating them.

Denying the Request for Photos:

In the video, Kajol is seen on stage, donning a yellow outfit. Meanwhile, when the media requested her to strike poses for photographs, she replied, “You won’t get this in life. Isn’t that right? When it was mentioned that many people haven’t received their photos yet, she responded with a slightly annoyed tone, saying, “Haven’t you done it already? What were you doing all this time?” However, later on, she gets ready to pose for the photos.

Fans Respond with Trolling

As soon as the video emerged, fans started trolling Kajol. One user commented on the video, calling her irritating. Another user commented, “How does Ajay Devgan deal with her? She has a very annoying nature.” Similarly, a third user commented, “Jaya Bachchan 2.0.”

It is not uncommon for celebrities to face trolling and criticism on social media, and Kajol is no exception. Despite the trolling, her fans continue to appreciate her unique personality and acting skills.

In conclusion, Kajol Devgan’s recent incident during the promotion of ‘The Trial’ has generated some attention. While the video showcases her refusal to pose for photographs initially, it is important to remember that celebrities, like everyone else, have their own moments of frustration. As fans, it is essential to support and appreciate their work while also understanding that they are entitled to their own boundaries and preferences.

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