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‘You Never Know…’: Bella Hadid Reacts To Ariana Grande’s Body Shaming Message!

Bella Hadid supported Ariana Grande and slammed trolls as she opened up about her body image issues in a new video. Staying in the public eye can be traumatic for many celebrities, as singing sensation Ariana Grande recently discussed.


The singer revealed that she was body shamed for gaining weight and that she is now living a healthier lifestyle.

Ariana has always been in the news since she began her acting career. From her dating life to the 2017 bombing incident, the singer has made headlines for it all.

Bella Hadid responded to Grande’s response to the trolls by offering her support and slamming those who criticized her body.

Bella Hadid Speaks Out In Support Of Ariana Grande’s Statement 

As evidenced by a repost on her Instagram, Bella Hadid supports Ariana Grande’s most recent concern message.

Bella Hadid supported and reshared the video on Instagram after it received a lot of attention online. Hadid also sent a long piece of writing message of support, urging people to tread carefully on their own private paths.

“You never understand what a person is dealing with, mentally or physically,” Hadid captioned her photo. “You have no idea what someone is experiencing, mentally or physically,” she added. “Disease or depression, Bereavement or heartache. The only way to find out is to walk in their shoes for a day.”

In addition, Hadid advised her followers to “instead of unsolicited advice or opinions, judgment, or aggression, just try to offer a helping hand and be kind.” In addition, Hadid stated unequivocally that “it’s so much cooler to be kind.” She also expressed gratitude to Grande for speaking out.

“Ari, I absolutely adore you. You are an inspiration to me, and I am extremely proud of you. “Many thanks,” Hadid said in response.

Ariana Grande Responds To Body-Shaming Trolls 

In a TikTok video posted on Tuesday, the “7 Rings” singer addressed fans’ recent “concerns” about her figure.

“We might be gentler with other people’s bodies and less comfortable remarking on them,” Grande said.

Check Out Video Below 

i wanna hug her so badly right now and tell her how much we truly love her


— Ariana Grande Charts (@grandeschart) April 11, 2023

“Whether they are healthy, ill, big, small, sexy or not sexy, regardless of whether they believe we are conveying something positive. We should make every effort to avoid doing so.”

Bella, who is younger than Ariana, also told her followers that being nice is cool and that she appreciates them. In the post, she also mentioned her friend Ariana and stated her love for her.

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