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Writer Tarun Jangid reveals how Pocket FM’s remote work setup helps him strike a balance between professional and family responsibilities

Tarun Jangid, the talented 27-year-old writer of the captivating audio series “Mushqil Bada Ye Pyaar Hai,” hails from the lively city of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Despite initially aspiring to become an actor after completing his B.Com, destiny had other plans for him, leading him on a remarkable journey as a dedicated writer with Pocket FM.

Can you tell us about your educational background and how it led you to your current role as a writer at Pocket FM?
I’m from Jaipur, Rajasthan, and I completed my B.Com before pursuing a Postgraduate Diploma in Dramatic Arts. My journey into writing began during my participation in a film-making workshop at the Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute in Arunachal Pradesh. Majorly associated with filmmaking, drama, and writing for the past 6 years, I started as a theatre artist, performing and writing short plays that significantly improved my writing skills. While my early writing was amateur, I found a passion for storytelling through novels, eventually leading me to Pocket FM, where I started as a translator and progressed to become a Senior Writer over the last 3 years.

What prompted you to join Pocket FM?
My role at Pocket FM aligns perfectly with my need for a work-from-home setup due to family circumstances. This flexibility has been crucial in allowing me to balance work responsibilities while taking care of my brother, who needs due care due to health issues.

Q3) How has your background in dramatic arts influenced your writing style for audio series?
My foundation in dramatic arts has been instrumental in shaping my writing style. Acting and writing are intertwined for me, as what you read as an actor influences your senses. While I initially focused on acting and worked in a short film at SRFTI, the allure of storytelling through writing became apparent. The contest, “Young Playwright,” marked a turning point, leading me to attend a workshop and boosting my confidence in my writing abilities.

Please tell us more about your audio series “Mushqil Bada Ye Pyaar Hai”?
“Mushqil Bada Ye Pyaar Hai” is an audio series that is close to my heart. I’ve meticulously crafted the plot, characters, and storyline. The story revolves around a complex situation where a girl, after her husband’s demise, finds herself compelled to marry her brother-in-law. Drawing inspiration from real-life scenarios, the story is based in Udaipur, Rajasthan, leveraging my local roots to develop the narrative authentically.

How do you balance your responsibilities as a writer at Pocket FM with your family obligations? Also, How does your family perceive your job at Pocket FM?
My family situation, particularly my brother’s health, requires me to stay at home. Working at Pocket FM, especially in a work-from-home capacity, has been a blessing. The team at Pocket FM is understanding and cooperative, allowing me the flexibility to manage my work efficiently while attending to my family’s needs.

Talking about my family, even though they might not completely understand the details of writing for audio series, I regularly share my work with them, doing readings of what I write. My father, especially, has downloaded Pocket FM and listens to the shows, feeling proud that his son contributes to the content on a reputed platform. The support from my family, especially during tough times, has been incredibly important.

How has your journey from Jaipur to Mumbai and back influenced your career, and what role has Pocket FM played in this transition?
After spending six months in Mumbai and working for survival, I returned to Jaipur and joined Pocket FM as a translator and a junior writer. The shift to Jaipur, particularly due to family reasons, led me to appreciate the flexibility and supportive environment at Pocket FM. The platform has not only allowed me to continue my passion for writing but has also served as a stable, encouraging and understanding workplace during difficult times.

What advice would you give to aspiring writers and those considering a career shift into writing for audio series?
I would advise aspiring writers to believe in their capabilities and take opportunities, even if they seem unconventional. Writing for audio series offers a unique platform, and consistency, along with a passion for storytelling, can open doors to fulfilling and rewarding experiences. Embrace the learning process, stay dedicated, and be open to exploring the diverse avenues that writing for audio series can offer.

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