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Woman and violin! Happy Valentine’s rather Violintine’s Day – Beyond Bollywood

There are few better sights in the world than watching a woman play a violin. This Valentine’s Day, we bring you some magical performances by women violinists across the globe.

By Mayur Lookhar

Pyar, pyar, pyar! Uff, isn’t one tired of the typical definition of love? Every Valentine’s Day (14 February), the desis cling on to classic Bollywood songs or contemporary music to express their feelings for their beloved.  The old and the new, we’ve covered many a melodious love anthems over the years.

This year, how about experiencing something new? Why love be restricted to fellow humans. One can fall in love with a non-living thing too.  In a digital world, many are in love with their gadgets, addicted to social media, action-packed games. Have you ever thought of falling in love with music? Goddess Saraswati showers her blessings on chosen ones only.

It’s hard for us to explain, but there are few better sights in the world than watching a woman play the violin. We find it truly romantic. The passion, the intensity, the pure joy, gamut of emotions that a woman experiences whilst playing the violin can’t be matched by any conventional human form of love. Not just the violin, but being able to play any instrument, create music is therapeutic in itself. But the violin and the woman is still unparalleled.

We bring you some magical performances by women violinists across the globe. Most desis, like this writer, are largely clueless about their identities. Nor is this writer a judge of such music. It is the sheer magic of their music that drew us to them. Let this Valentine’s Day be a Happy Violintine’s Day. Simply enjoy the music. Note – the tracks are in no specific order.

1 Princesses of Violin – Pirates of the Caribbean

The Hungarian trio are known as the Princesses of Violin. Their rendition of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme at the Budepest Operetta Theater is a treasure trove.

2 Caroline Campbell – Skyfall

American soloist Caroline Campbell’s rendition of Adele’s Skyfall at a 2014 concert would make Adele, Bond fans truly proud.

3 Amadeus – Carmen [Habanera]

Dressed in gold, the Serbian band here partly mirror the golden beings of Marvel’s fictitious planet Sovereign. Paint them in gold, and they’d give High Priestess Ayesha a run for her money. The very popular Serbian quartet are known for their electric music. Here they produced a scintillating version of French composer George Bizet’s last opera work Carmen [Habanera]. There are two violinists, a cello player and the beauty at the back weaving magic with a an electric piano.

4 Karolina Protsenko – My Heart Will Go On

You don’t need to be part of a band, opera. Nor do you need any grand stage. Child prodigy Karolina Protsenko leaves onlookers stunned each time she performs on the street. Here she delights with a cover version of Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On from Titanic.

5 Celtic Woman – Duelling Violins

Talk of violin and how can one ignore its cultural significance in Irish music. Celtic Woman, an all -female Celtic ensemble has been entertaining fans across the globe with their brand of music. Their tribute to Ronan Hardiman’s Duelling Violins at a concert years ago is full of magic. Like its name, you are enamored by the duet by the leading violinists.

6 Celtic Woman – Granuaile’s Dance

The dancing violinist. It can only be Irish. Máiréad Nesbitt is no longer with Celtic Woman , but the founding member charmed all as the fiddler in this Granuaile’s Dance performance. You are left mesmerised as Nesbitt hops around like a Gazelle without losing her grip on the strings. Phew, to be able to dance and play violin at the same time. Now that is true talent.

7 Hanine – Arabia

Dance is an essential part of Arabic culture too. The beauty of music is how some instruments acquire a different tone, based on the region. Lebanese violinist Hanine El Alam has been enthralling local as well as global fans with her brand of Oriental music, and serene dance moves.

8 Anastasia Petryshak – Air On The G String

Traditionally, a violin is used to emote sadness. A Valentine’s Day is no time for sombre music, but the pure passion, love, the pain with with which Anastasiya Petryshak performs here casts a spell on you. Not all are lucky in love. Maybe, the heart broken can tune into Air On The G String.

9 Applemania – Soyoung Yoon

South Korean Soyoung Yoon can produce such magic by playing the violin with her eyes closed. Jeez that passion, intensity, music flows in her veins. 

10 Wings in the Sky – Ragini Shankar

We’ve saved the best for last. It involves our own Ragini Shankar. Hailing from a family of musicians, Ragini has found true love in violin. Ah, with a name like Ragini, she was bound to create music. She first caught our attention during a majestic performance (electric violin) at the annual Mahashivratri Celebration of Isha Foundation. Later we stumbled onto this track – Wings in the Sky. Her skills lies in producing sounds from a violin the Indian way. Wings in the Sky has both traditional as well as global appeal. Her music is enchanting, and her gorgeous smile, all the more adds to Ragini’s magic.

Disclaimer: This story is auto-aggregated by a computer program and has not been created or edited by filmibee.
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