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“With 18+, I am stepping into a new creative space” – Reyen Eyes – Planet Bollywood

At a very young age, Reyen Eyes has made a name for himself as a singer, composer and musician. The multifaceted artist feels very proud about being born India, a country which exposed him to a variety of musical genres and styles.

Reyen made his debut with a Punjabi track titled ‘Attitude’ and went on to release a bunch of songs in Punjabi and Hindi. With his new album ‘18+’, Reyen is offering his listeners English music for the first time. ‘A Lie’ and ‘Runnin’, the first two singles from the album are out and the third single, which has been titled ‘Rave’ will be released on June 9.

In this interview, the singer-composer talks about the thought behind putting together an English album, collaborating with the Italian music label Mille Ville Music, love for Punjabi music, plans for the future and more.

You made your debut with a Punjabi song and went on to release a bunch of songs in Hindi as well. What made you come up with an English album like ‘18+’?

The music that I was first exposed to was Indian. I was an intent listener. And I still am, which is why with time, my taste and my horizon has expanded significantly. Once you are there, you start figuring out the taste and choices of your own. In my case, I happened to land on pop. With ‘18+’, I am stepping into a new creative space.

An album tends to have a common theme running through it. What is the theme of your album and how did you come up with it?

This album for me is truly me as an artist finding my choices and at the same time, boldly sharing it with everyone. The songs contain a lot of experimentation. When I was making these songs, I was evaluating my own abilities to compile a song the way I imagined it to begin with, shape it as per my wish. Just having turned into an adult, I was trying to figure out the philosophy of life too. That’s why it is called ‘18+’.

Rave, the third track from the album, releases on June 9. What can one expect from it?

I am super excited about it! It sounds really heavy and engaging and has a certain depth to it. We made a music video that complemented it. The music video should help the audience connect with the story better. It would be a nice audio-visual experience. I hope that it appeals to everyone.

How did you end up collaborating with Mille Ville Music, an Italian music label?

Who would not have respect for a label that not only understands your vision, but has true appreciation for art as well. An artist prefers collaborating with people who understand and appreciate his vision. I always try to find opportunities to work and learn in different cultures. Working with Mille Ville has been an incredible experience.

You have always spoken very highly of the music made in Punjab. Who are your favourite artists from that space?

I really love the way Punjabi music is blending well with the international music scene. I mostly listen to AP Dhillon, Bilal Saeed and Pav Dharia.

What are the kind of genres you want to experiment with in the near future?

I already have an idea about my plans post ‘18+’. I am very close to naming my next album, which is going to be something new. It would also be something that describes me well. After learning and unlearning a lot of things, I wish to introduce something to the world which I would like to call ‘Astro-Pop’ where you can do anything but not everything.

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