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Will Anant Nag Ever Return To Politics? Actor Gives A Firm Answer

Rumour surfaced that Anant Nag would join the BJP in Delhi.

Anant Nag had a illustrious career in cinema before he dabbled in politics for a brief while.

Anant Nag has had an illustrious career as one of Sandalwood’s most versatile actors, known as a performer rather than a star. He has also dabbled in cinema outside of the state, delivering some memorable films in Bollywood. Apart from cinema, Anant also dabbled in politics, which he had to abandon. It’s been quite a long time since the actor left the world of politics.

Recently, a rumour surfaced that Anant Nag would join the BJP in Delhi on Saturday, April 1. But sources revealed that the actor was in Bangalore. Anant Nag said, “I do not belong to any party and I don’t know who has spread this news,” according to News18 Kannada.

For those of you wondering why the actor left his political career, we have one of his old interviews when he recalled what made him discontinue.

He stated, “I was deeply affected by the various wars that India fought. I used to be active in my younger days politically but later got busy with films. Around two decades later, I campaigned for the Janata Party. I did not do this in anticipation of any seat. At that time, I was nominated as an MLC in the artiste category. It was then that I wanted to become an MLA. It was when I entered the inside doors of the political debates and doings that I realized that it is easier to be a politician as an actor but it was tougher to be a politician in real life. I even had given up acting during my days as a minister.”

He further said, “It was when I realized that this wasn’t my calling and that if I belonged anywhere it was in front of the camera. I felt that the political system did not allow me to do what I wanted to do. I wasn’t just disillusioned, but I failed to make an impact as I wasn’t allowed to work.”

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