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Who’s Your Gynac?: Saba Azad explains how observation is the key to get into the character

Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, latest medical drama series, ‘Who’s Your Gynac?’ has received plenty of praise since its release, for its strong message and light-hearted narrative. The series is a beautiful exploration of emotions with a tinge of comedy, addressing women’s health concerns. Saba Azad is seen in the role of Dr. Vidushi, an OB-GYN who believes in being a friend of her patients, alongside her co-stars Karishma Singh, Kunal Thakur and Aaron Koul.

Talking about key preparations for any role, Saba revealed how she believes in the power of observation. She said, “In addition to the obvious work of developing the character’s inner and outer world outside of the existing text, I believe that rehearsing and truly knowing your script is highly underrated. I can only speak for myself when I say rehearsal sets me free; it adds to my spontaneity as opposed to the popular notion that it actually takes it away. Also staying constantly curious helps, I like people watching. If you’ve been observant you can empathise or find a convincing connection with nearly any character, even if they’re totally different from you. Outside of that, it’s pretty straightforward — the script is god just do what it’s asked of you.”

Being praised for her impeccable comic timing in Who’s Your Gynac?, she further shared her perception of the comedic genre. “Comedy can be tricky, there is a fine line between being funny and over-the-top cringey. I have always enjoyed comedy and I find the script is the king as far as comedy goes. Does it come naturally to me? I don’t know, maybe. I am however unafraid to make a fool of myself on camera which helps in a way”, she shared.

Unfold the journey of a Gynac filled with drama, emotions, love and quirky-confused patients with Who’s Your Gynac? streaming live on Amazon miniTV, for free within the Amazon shopping app, on Fire TV, and on Playstore.

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