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When Sunny Deol Received A Hard Slap From His Father Dharmendra Because Of THIS

Actor Sunny Deol, who recently starred in the movie Gadar 2, has made a stunning admission about his father, Bollywood great Dharmendra. Specifically, Sunny Deol revealed that his father once slapped him hard out of anger. This revelation has caused quite a stir. Sunny Deol, who stars in the film Gadar 2, places a high value on family. In this regard, he takes after his father, veteran actor Dharmendra, who maintains a strong connection to his hometown despite his fame as Bollywood’s most famous actor.

Sunny Deol, who is at the top of his game after the massive success of Gadar 2, has been opening up to the media recently and saying whatever’s on his mind. The hero of Gadar 2 admitted in one interview that his father, Dharmendra, has slapped him before.

Dharmendra smacked Sunny Deol across the face for THIS reason.

The star of Gadar 2 recalled an episode from his childhood in which his father slapped him for doing something bad (what exactly he couldn’t recall). “My face was so huge at the time that it was stamped with three fingers. I was a typical mischievous kid. My dad finally got me and smacked me upside the head”, he added. Dharmendra Deol is incredibly proud of his son, Sunny, and the accomplishments he has achieved so far in life.

Sunny Deol is dedicated to his acting career and cannot wait to get started filming Border 2; he has high hopes for the movie. Following the tremendous success of Gadar 2, he and his team have made the decision to resume work on the film from the point at which they had previously stopped.

Gadar 2 is performing astonishingly well at the box office, and it is highly probable that it will cross the Rs 500 crore mark by the conclusion of this next weekend. The overwhelmingly amazing response that Sunny Deol’s most recent film, Gadar 2, has received has left him feeling extremely awestruck and humbled.

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