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When Choreographer Puliyur Saroja Made Shocking Claims About Silk Smitha’s Death

Puliyur Saroja believed Silk Smitha didn’t commit suicide.

Saroja felt devastated upon hearing about Silk’s suicide and felt numb.

Vijayalakshmi Vadlapati, also known as Silk Smitha, was an Indian actress and dancer. She gained fame for her work in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi cinema. Silk Smitha emerged as one of India’s leading sex symbols during the 1980s and early 1990s, particularly known for her roles in erotic films in South Indian cinema. She played a significant role in the Malayalam softcore film genre during the late 1980s. On September 23, 1996, Silk Smitha was found dead. She reportedly committed suicide by hanging herself in a hotel room. Late choreographer Puliyur Saroja, in an old interview, had shared that Silk once approached her, saying she was going to marry. She asked Saroja to organise the wedding. Sadly, Silk passed away within a week. Saroja felt devastated upon hearing about Silk’s suicide and felt numb. They rushed to see her, but it was incredibly hard as they couldn’t bear to see her body.

With tears in her eyes, Puliyur Saroja recalled there were hardly five people at the place. She witnessed Silk’s body in a distressing state, without clothes. It seemed like someone might have physically exploited her body, even after her death. Saroja strongly believed that Silk Smitha didn’t commit suicide. She couldn’t sleep for 10 days after Silk’s death and expressed a wish for those responsible to face consequences.

There were various reports surrounding Silk’s death, including political involvement and pressure from top screen stars. Additionally, there were allegations of sexual assault on Silk’s body by mortuary staff, while it was at Rayapetta Hospital. This cruelty was rumoured to have happened over a long period, which Puliyur Saroja confirmed. Silk’s close friend Anuradha also shared similar information. The truth about what happened in Silk’s life is not known till date.

Silk Smitha initially worked as a touch-up artist for actress Aparna, before transitioning into small character roles. Her first significant break came when Malayalam director Antony Eastman cast her as a heroine in his film Inaye Thedi, although the movie was released much later.

In Tamil cinema, director Vinu Chakravarthy played a crucial role in her career. He mentored her, and his wife helped her learn English and dance. Due to her strong sex appeal, she soon started portraying roles of cabaret dancers and vamps, which led to her being typecast. Despite gaining recognition for her performance in the Tamil film Vandichakkaram in 1979, Smitha struggled to break free from this typecasting. She adopted the screen name Silk after her character in the movie, but despite its success, she found it challenging to expand her range as an actress.

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