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When Anushka Sharma Went Candid About Her Covid Pregnancy, Had A Baby Shower Wish!

In the world of glamour, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli are among the most coveted couples. On December 11, 2017, the pair had set out on their eternal trip. With the birth of their daughter, Vamika, on January 11, 2021, the charming couple had embraced parenthood after three years of getting married. Well, lets have a look at Anushka Sharma’s pandemic pregnancy journey. From scary pregnancy symptoms to postpartum changes which occur after giving birth are the issues to be normalized and supported by people. Celebrities world is no different than the common people who are subjected to conform to accepted societal standards.

For the unversed, actress Anushka Sharma was expecting her first baby when the nation was experiencing the pandemic and harsh lockdown regulations. Well, just because of Virat’s support, Anushka was able to conquer the difficult pregnancy battle which life threw at her.

Anushka Sharma’s Pandemic Pregnancy

Anushka Sharma discussed her pregnant journey in an interview with the fashion publication Grazia. The actress admitted in the interview that she was eager to hold her own baby shower because of how badly she wanted one. Since it was difficult to get everyone into quarantine, Anushka had to forgo the notion of a large baby shower celebration in favour of a private ceremony with only her family members. Regarding the same, Anushka responded:

“So I ended up having a small ceremony at home, with my immediate family in attendance.”

anushka sharma's pregnancy journey

Anushka Sharma’s first trimester, like that of many other women, was a whirl of nausea and weariness. Because of the smells, the actress was unable to enter the kitchen. The actress felt  she was captivated in a never-ending trap.

Anushka’s Pregnancy Cravings


Anushka Sharma admitted in an interview that she wasn’t particularly desiring anything when pregnant. The actress simply ate bread and crackers for the first three months. All she wanted to eat when this phase was over was vada pao and bhel puri, but that need didn’t last long either. “For the first three months, I only ate toast and crackers. I therefore wanted to have vada pao and bhel puri after it was over, but that desire didn’t last long either. Therefore, no genuine cravings,” Anushka stated.

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