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Vir Das Pens Gratitude For The Congratulatory Bouquet From Priyanka Chopra For His Emmy Win

Vir Das’ Emmy trophy has garnered him worldwide attention, including Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ warm gesture. The comedian shared the pictures of a bouquet along with a handwritten note by the ‘Quantico’ star on X. Das paid his gratitude by saying, ‘Thank you for opening the doors for the rest of us.’

Vir Das won an International Emmy for his comedy in 2023

Vir Das recently won an Emmy award for Vir Das: Landing. The accolade has fetched him massive attention from all over, including Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ congratulatory bouquet of flowers.

Das took to X on Wednesday and shared the pictures of the bouquet sent to him by the ‘In My City’ singer. There is also a handwritten note attached that says,

‘Dear Vir, Wishing you an huge congratulations on your Emmy win! Such a well deserved and wonderful accomplishment! With love, Priyanka, Mary and your friends at Purple Pebble Pictures.’

Purple Pebble Pictures is Chopra’s film production company.

Priyanka Chopra sends Vir Das a congratulatory bouquet
Priyanka Chopra sends Vir Das a congratulatory bouquet (Image: twitter.com/thevirdas)

After receiving the bouquet, Das penned a short crisp tweet to thank the actor.

‘Thank you @priyankachopra for the flowers and for every door you’ve opened for the rest of us.’

His gratitude didn’t stop here. Milling from his sincere sentiments towards the actor, Das further scribbled, ‘You’re awesome.’

X users point out to the grammatical error in the note

Priyanka Chopra sends Vir Das a congratulatory bouquet
Priyanka Chopra sends Vir Das a congratulatory bouquet (Image: twitter.com/thevirdas)

Though the exchange between the two stars is warm and inspiring, X users couldn’t help themselves from pointing out the obvious grammatical error in the handwritten note.

One user wrote, ‘Lovely gesture but who writes AN HUGE CONGRATULATIONS? Are you sure it’s ‘Priyanka Chopra’ who sent this?’ Another wrote, taking a crack at the error, ‘An thanks.’

At the other end, users also congratulated the comedian.

‘Everytime you share something, all the overtly exhausted parts of my body and soul get happy and excited.’

Another wrote, ‘Bhaaavnao ko samjho guys (Take the hint, guys). It’s just a typo. More like a ‘write-o’.’

Priyanka Chopra’s constant support to Vir Das

Priyanka Chopra supports the actor-comedian
Priyanka Chopra supports the actor-comedian

The bouquet isn’t the first time when Chopra has shown her unrelenting support for Das.

The actor cum producer supported him when he took a genuine dig at those people mocking Indians for choreographing their steps to music in Bollywood films. She shared the video and captioned it with, ‘Speak the truth @virdas.’

Chopra also was one of the esteemed attendees at Das’ LA show in 2022.

‘What a day! With awesome friends watching an awesome friend do what he does best! @virdas you are so brave and inspiring to me! Not to mention had me in tears laughing!! Thanks for having us.‘ She scribbled her feelings on Instagram.

Das then reciprocated the warmth. ‘Thank you for coming! Thank you for opening the doors for the rest of us. And thank you for always being awesome and cool and funny. I admire you so much.’

Vir Das’ history of being in the awe of Priyanka Chopra

Vir Das: Landing is now streaming on Netflix
Vir Das: Landing is now streaming on Netflix (Image: instagram.com/virdas)

Vir Das was quoted on The Ranveer Show, saying, ‘(I am) nowhere close to the level of Priyanka Chopra. Like Priyanka is the global Indian. I have performed on the Tonight Show (The Tonight show with Jimmy Fallon), Priyanka Chopra is on the couch. It’s a big difference you know.’

He then further added, ‘I could not have more respect for what she has done. And when she says it is hard, I fully understand how hard it is for me now. And therefore how much harder it would have been for her to break down the initial door.’

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