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Vijay Sethupathi’s Latest Lands In Plagiarism Row

Yadum Ure Yavarum Keleer has been accused of plagiarism by writer Tho. Pathinathan.

Venkat Krishna Rohant directed the movie.

Vijay Sethupathi recently graced the silver screen with the drama, Yatum Ure Yavarum Keleer. The project hit the theatres on May 19. The movie, which focuses on the obstacles faced by Eelam Tamils, has once again made headlines. It has become the latest drama to be accused of plagiarism. Writer Tho. Pathinathan has recently issued a press release stating that the film has several elements adapted from his historical novel Borin Meerupakam, the essay Thakipin Haiva, the novel Andaram, and the short story Nalayum Kamayaye.

For those who do not know, his essay starts with a conversation with a shop lady about purchasing a SIM card. According to Tho. Pathinathan, the makers of Yatum Ure Yavarum Keleer have converted the female character into a male one.

Additionally, in the 2016 short story titled Tomorrow and Tomorrow, a female bends over to sign when an aid officer starts staring at her breasts. Following this, the officer in question also subjects the woman to further investigation.

Talking about plagiarism, the writer claimed that he had been a part of an unregistered camp for eight years, and lived in and out of refugee camps in Tamil Nadu under two vivid names. He also worked in a five-star hotel as a refugee. According to Tho. Pathinathan, all this has been mentioned in his autobiography. He also made it clear that no permission from him or the publishing house has been taken before making the movie. The writer also plans to take legal action against the Yatum Ure Yavarum Keleer makers.

Venkat Krishna Rohant directed the movie. He previously worked as an assistant director to the late filmmaker SB Jananathan. As far as the cast of the film is concerned, aside from Vijay Sethupathi, Megha Akash, Majiz Thirumeni, late actor Vivek, director Mohan Raja, and Karu Palaniappan have portrayed crucial roles in this film, along with others. Niwas K Prasanna is a part of the technical crew as a music composer.

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