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Twinkle Khanna Admits Facing ‘Existential Crisis’ On Thought Of Turning 50: CHECKOUT!

Recently, Twinkle Khanna talked about ageing and spoke about how she faced an ‘existential crisis’ at the thought of turning 50. She also revealed what made her feel better. Twinkle Khanna is one of the most profound personalities in Bollywood. Following the family legacy, she had a relatively short stint in acting and later turned to writing. She has been swooning the audience with her delightful wit and humour in her writings. The 48-year-old is often seen slaying in both film and real life. Nonetheless, recently, she admitted having an ‘existential crisis’ at the thought of turning 50.

Image credit: Twinkle Khanna/ Instagram

Twinkle Khanna talks about her experience on thought on turning 50

Twinkle Khanna spoke her heart out on the concept of aging. She went on to admit that a routine blood test surprised her with the results of her testosterone dipping to zero. She recalled her youthful days and admitted being high on energy on such a level in the 90s that she would often make jokes like, ‘I am more of a man than most men I meet, and with the ba**s as well.’ Now, I was left with low energy and a few leftover jokes,” she shared.


Image credit: Twinkle Khanna/ Instagram

According to her, since she didn’t want to face reality, she ignored the fact that her ‘big birthday’ was around the corner. However, that didn’t work. Thus, she started ‘pre-empting it’ by telling people that she was 50. She then recalled how her daughter once corrected her, stating, “‘No, Mama you are still 49.’”

Image credit: Twinkle Khanna/ Instagram

The actress wrote, “I was clearly having an existential crisis because I sat with a calculator one evening and created a rough timeline. If I lived to a decent 85, I had to first subtract the 50 years that I had already spent. Then I had to multiply 8 hours a day into 365 days into the approximate 35 years left, because that’s the time I would spend sleeping, and then minus that sum from my timeline, which left me with a mere 24 years of living ahead.”

She continues sharing, “I only felt better when I recalled a famous dialogue recited by someone whose eyes crinkled just like mine: ‘Babumoshai, Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi.’”



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