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TV Actress Nilu Kohli Mourns Husband Harminder Singh’s Tragic Death In Bathroom; Checkout!


Tragic news has struck the entertainment world as the husband of renowned TV actress Nilu Kohli has passed away unexpectedly. Despite being in good health, Singh’s lifeless body was discovered in the bathroom of their home, leaving Kohli and her loved ones in shock and devastation. The beloved couple had worked together in numerous TV serials and films, making the loss even more heart-wrenching for those who knew them.

Investigation Begins into the Circumstances of Harminder Singh’s Untimely Death in Bathroom

 The entertainment world is in mourning as the news of Harminder Singh’s sudden passing, husband of the renowned TV and film actress Nilu Kohli, spreads like wildfire. Despite being in good health and even visiting the Gurudwara on the fateful day, Singh’s life ended tragically when he collapsed in the bathroom upon returning home. Only a helper was present when the incident occurred, discovering Singh unconscious and rushing him to the hospital, but it was already too late. The unexpected loss of Nilu’s beloved husband has left everyone in shock and disbelief, as the couple had worked together on numerous projects and were known for their loving bond.

The untimely death of Harminder Singh leaves fans with a heavy heart


Nilu Kohli’s Friend Announces the Heartbreaking News of Her Husband’s Passing


The news has been confirmed by Nilu’s best friend Vandana, who stated that Harminder was found in the bathroom by the helper who was preparing lunch at the time. The helper had been waiting for Harminder to finish using the bathroom so that he could serve him lunch. However, when Harminder did not come out for a long time, the helper went to check on him and found him lying in the bathroom.

Vandana also mentioned that Harminder suffered from diabetes, but he was in good health and the incident happened unexpectedly. And that the funeral of her late husband Harminder will take place on Sunday. However, since their son is currently out, the final rites will be conducted only after his return.


Nilu’s Impressive Career Spanning Across Serials and Films


Nilu, a versatile actress, has left an indelible mark on the Indian entertainment industry with her stellar performances in numerous TV serials and films. Her incredible acting skills have captivated the hearts of audiences all over the country.

Nilu Singh's amazing work has made her name known far and wide

She has appeared in several blockbuster movies, including Housefull 2, Patiala House, and Hindi Medium. In the year 2020, Nilu showcased her immense talent in the critically acclaimed period drama film ‘Jogi’, where she portrayed a strong and impactful role.

Her dedication to her craft and her ability to bring her characters to life on screen is truly remarkable. Nilu’s outstanding contributions to the world of Indian cinema have earned her a special place in the hearts of fans and industry peers alike

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