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Throwback Thursday: When Allu Arjun Got Embroiled In A Drunk Driving Controversy

Allu Arjun will next be seen in Pushpa 2: The Rule.

The actor was driving his car at night and was stopped by the police who asked him to take a breath analyser test.

The popularity of Allu Arjun, who has been among the top brass of stars in the Telugu industry for more than a decade and a half now, spread beyond the borders of the two Telugu states after Pushpa: The Rise. The actor is known for his suave personality, natural charm, physical fitness and impeccable dancing skills. Allu Arjun’s career has been mostly free from controversy except for some rumours of him having a skirmish with his brother Allu Sirish that surfaced last year. Those rumours were put to rest after the two brothers had an emotional moment during the successful meet of Urvasivo Rakshasivo.

But there is noteworthy one controversy that the actor had attracted during the time he was still traversing to the top of the industry. This less-talked-about incident from 2014 involves Allu Arjun arguing with the police in connection to an alleged drunk driving case.

Reportedly, Allu Arjun was driving his car at night and was stopped by police personnel who asked him to take a drunk driving test. The test involved him having to breathe into a breath analyser but a video of him refusing to do so and arguing with the cops went viral.

The video purportedly showed the actor yelling at the cops and he was severely criticised for the same. Allu Arjun had then posted a clarification on social media and said that there were no arguments but he had just requested the police to not allow any cameras pointed at him when he took the test.

Once that was sorted, he took the breath analyser test and was allowed to go. He stated his displeasure at how some had edited the video and presented it in the wrong way. The incident dominated social media for a month or two but soon faded away from public memory.

Allu Arjun is now gearing up for the greatly anticipated sequel to Pushap: The Rise, titled Pushpa 2: The Rule. The Sukumar-directed movie is slated to release on August 15 next year.

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