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This Bollywood Singer Went Off Radar Despite Giving A Chartbuster

The singer continues to reside on Mohammad Ali Road in Mumbai.

The singer continues to reside on Mohammad Ali Road in Mumbai.

His voice was last heard in the 2013 release of Emraan Hashmi’s movie Ghanchakkar.

In the entertainment industry, it takes years to achieve stardom but many, like Altaf Raja, have risen to fame quickly. Altaf Raja once had a strong influence on many Indian audiences but gradually disappeared from the public eye. His passion was used to captivate the entire nation, and people enjoyed hearing his songs played frequently in buses and cars. The public was fond of his album Tum To Thehre Pardesi – a huge success in the 90s. This song is still well-remembered and continues to be sung. In the 1990s, the cassette sales of this album reached a remarkable 7 million overnight. Currently, Altaf is entirely out of the limelight despite his previous immense fame.

Altaf Raja was born in Nagpur, Maharashtra, on October 15, 1967. His parents had hoped he would pursue education and a successful career, so they sent him to Mumbai for schooling. After completing fifth grade in Mumbai, he returned home. Later, he was admitted to the Antonio D’Souza School in Mumbai but couldn’t complete his studies there either. Altaf managed to finish only up to class 9 before returning home once again. As he showed no interest in academics, his parents then enrolled him in a sewing class. Even there, Altaf did not feel inclined to continue.

Out of the blue, Altaf expressed his desire to learn music to his mother. He embarked on his musical journey by learning to play the harmonium and singing incessantly. Soon, he started performing qawwali music on stage, often alongside his mother as a fellow vocalist. Encouraged by his mother, Altaf seriously considered a professional music career.

With the support of his parents, Altaf began performing music across the country. His voice possessed the soul-stirring quality of qawwali that could move listeners to tears. In addition to live performances, he also participated in various music competitions. Finally, in the 1990s, he released his debut album.

Altaf Raja’s career reached its pinnacle with the song Tum To Thehre Pardesi. Altaf embarked on his musical journey when he was 18, eventually achieving great success. He also received numerous prestigious awards and honours.

It’s worth noting that Altaf Raja’s father was a qawwali singer, and despite growing up listening to his father’s qawwali music, Altaf managed to infuse these traditional melodies with a fresh presentation that captivated the audience and won their hearts.

Despite having a lifelong ambition to perform Ghazals, Altaf’s mother advised him to start his singing career in Bollywood films first. He took her advice and made his debut in the movie Shapath. Altaf Raja’s voice was last heard in the 2013 release of Emraan Hashmi’s movie Ghanchakkar when he sang Jholu Ram.

According to media reports, Altaf Raja continues to reside on Mohammad Ali Road in Mumbai and remains active in the music industry from there.

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