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‘Think I Messed Up A Lot’: Friends Fame Courteney Cox Admits Her Biggest Beauty Regret Is Getting Face Fillers!

Courteney Cox said it was a ‘bummer’ to believe she was getting older when she was actually younger. She also named the process a ‘domino effect’.

Courteney Cox is definitely one of the most gorgeous actresses in Hollywood, but she, too, became insecure and ‘messed up’ big time. Keep reading!

Courteney Cox has never been more upfront about her experience with cosmetic fillers and injectables.

Courteney Cox, the star of Friends, is a household name throughout the world.Monica Geller holds a special place in everyone’s hearts due to her powerful portrayal.

Actors are under a lot of pressure to appear a specific way since they work in the entertainment industry. This resulted in procedures like as fillers and botox.

Similarly, Cox selected the same path and now regrets it since she was unable to stop herself. She just thought on her decision, and this is what she had to say. Continue reading to find out!

In addition to the renowned American comedy, Cox has also been in the blockbuster film franchise Scream. She, like many others, was concerned about becoming old and how it might affect her. Due to this, she made some regrettable decisions.

In a footage posted on the podcast’s Instagram page, Courteney can be heard telling Johnson and Christensen that thinking that she was getting older when she was actually younger was a ‘bummer’.

She referred to the procedure as a ‘domino effect,’ noting that because people are unaware that they appear ‘a bit odd,’ they continue to have fillers because they appear normal to themselves.

‘Well, that looks good,’ you think as you look in the mirror,’ added the Friends star.

You have no idea how it seems to the outside world.” Courteney Cox discovered she had done too many of them and “had to get them removed” at one point.

It was Courteney Cox’s regret of using facial fillers that she expressed her biggest beauty regret.

She also said that her publicist would not let her to post images from previous times when she had too many fillers with captions like ‘well this is what my buddy was talking about,’ since she believes that when one has fillers, they do not know it until their friends point it out.

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