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Things Get Heated Between Shalin Bhanot & Priyanka Chahar Choudhary After The Latter Foams Him, Says “False Promises Karta Hai”

‘Bigg Boss 16’: Major Fight Breaks Out After Shalin Pushes Priyanka(Photo Credit –Colorstv/Instagram)

In an upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, a major fight will be seen taking place between Shalin Bhanot and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary amid a task. In the task, the voice of Bigg Boss will be heard saying that it has been 14 weeks and who, according to the contestants, still needs a clear vision.

A contestant has to name another housemate who is confused and unclear about his/her thoughts; post taking a name, they have to give an explanation and apply the foam on them.

Archana calls Tina and Shalin as they both are unclear about their equation with each other. Soundarya would be seen naming the same contestants as they both are unclear about their relationship with each other.

Sumbul calls Shalin and says he is very unpredictable by nature. Nimrit too names Shalin and says that “reality show mein real side kidhar hai samaj nahi aaya.”

Shiv again names Shalin and gives the reason: “Pal bhar mein kuch dusre pal mein kuch.” Mc Stan says he has not understood Tina at all and hence puts the foam on her face. Abdu calls Shalin and states that he does a lot of overacting, Abdu adds that Shalin changes in every five minutes and calls him fake. Sajid calls Sreejita because he finds her confusing.”I am not able to understand her character who is she exactly,” says Sajid.

Sreejita names Archana and says she is very unpredictable,”Samaj nahi aata next move kya hoga.” She then calls Sumbul and says initially she was quite a bubbly and chirpy girl, the vibrance that she had is lost. Priyanka calls Shalin and says is very confused, “Samaj hi nahi aata ki chal raha hai. Oversmart bhi banne ki koshish karte hai. Innki baatein bahut zyada contradict hoti hai.”

A huge fight between Priyanka and Shalin as he jerked away her hand while she was trying to put foam on him. As shocking as it sounds, but Tina calls Shalin and says he fights and disrespects a lot,”False promises karta hai. It’s always about ‘mein mein mein’,” she said.

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