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The Last Avatar – Beyond Bollywood

The veterans were also joined by actors Raj Babbar, Sharman Joshi, Rohit Roy, Gaurav Chanana, Tushar Kapoor, Madhu Chopra to make it a momentous occasion for the dentist-author. Priyanka Chopra leaves a video message for Modi.

L-R: Author Dr Neetika Modi, Boney Kapoor, Jeetendra, Gaurav Chanana (top right), Madhu Chopra

By Our Correspondent

The glitterati of Tinsel Town graced the launch of Dr. Neetika Modi’s book Antim: The Last Avatar [2023]. Veteran actor Jeetendra, actor-producer Boney Kapoor were among the celebrity guests to unveil the book.

They were later joined by the likes of Rohit Roy, Sharman Joshi, director Ashwini Chaudhary, Tushar Kapoor, Gaurav Chanana, producer Madhu Chopra. Priyanka Chopra couldn’t make it but she left a congratulatory message for Modi on her social media.

Published by Zen publications, Om Books, Antim: The Last Avatar is in the contemporary mythology genre.

Blending elements of Indian culture, mythology, and fiction, this intriguing tale promises to take readers on an epic journey through time, morality, and the ultimate struggle between good and evil, delving into a world where ancient prophecies, superhuman powers, and divine beings collide.

Set against the backdrop of the 21st century, the novel weaves a gripping narrative that spans generations and introduces readers to a cast of characters deeply rooted in Indian mythology. Drawing inspiration from the stories of the eight Chiranjeevis [immortals], the guardians of the universe, Antim centres around the prophesied birth of Kalki, the tenth and final avatar of Lord Vishnu. As the world grapples with moral decline, Kalki emerges as humanity’s last hope, and the battle between good and evil intensifies.

Priyanka Chopra revealed the book cover on Instagram earlier this month and conveyed her excitement, saying, “I wish you so much luck… I can’t wait to read the book, so everyone go grab a copy.”

There was also a discussion focused on the book, during which Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri, the Editor-in-Chief of Om Books International, engaged in a dialogue with author Neetika Modi, Yogesh Sharma, the Publisher at Zen Publications, and Aparna Acharekar, co-founder of coto.

Reflecting on her work, Neetika Modi shares, “Antim is a young story that derives its roots from our inspiring Indian culture. It is a story that is close to my heart, a labour of love that reflects my humble dedication to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva, the Preserver and the Destroyer of the world as we know it. The book also follows the stories of the eight Chiranjeevis.”

Mr. Ajay Mago, Publisher, Om Books International, says, “We are thrilled to launch Antim: The Last Avatar, an enthralling mythological fiction. We can’t wait to share this captivating tale and the mythical world it unveils with readers everywhere.”

Boney Kapoor, the chief guest, said, “Antim is a riveting odyssey that beckons readers to confront the darkest corners of existence. Neetika Modi’s storytelling is an exceptional voyage that I’m honored to be a part of.”

coto co-founder Aparna Acharekar with Dr Neetika Modi

Aparna Acharekar, co-founder, coto, expressed, “We are thrilled to be associated with Dr. Neetika Modi and her book which is highly anticipated to be a bestseller. As the community partner, its a step forward for coto in its endeavor to strengthen engagement and further build the book and readers community. Through our initiatives we strive to boost the confidence and aspirations of women who are avid book lovers and ambitious and budding authors.”

‘Antim: The Last Avatar’ is now available on Amazon. Additionally, the book will soon grace the shelves of numerous bookstores, including the renowned Om Book Shop.

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