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The ‘250 Crore’ Dream Figure Is Getting Messy & Might Add To The Already Predicted 200 Crore+ Loss For The Filmmakers Of This Prabhas Starrer!

Adipurush OTT Exclusive: The '250 Crore' Dream Figure Is Getting Messy & Might Add To The Already Predicted 200 Crore+ Loss...
Adipurush OTT Exclusive: The ‘250 Crore’ Dream Figure Is Getting Messy & Might Add To The Already Predicted 200 Crore+ Loss… ( Photo Credit – Youtube )

Adipurush’s OTT release has been the talk of the town, a hot debate on social media, but let’s talk about something no one’s talking about. Instead of discussing when it’s going to release and what platform it’ll be on, let’s take y’all to the behind-the-scenes of what’s all happening with the Prabhas starrer.

So, for the basics, there have been multiple figures reported regarding its budget ranging from 400-800 crore. But the ground reality is that the budget is somewhere around 550-600 crore. So, let’s take the lowest-assumed value i.e. 550 crore to understand the mess around the remaining math.

If you’re making a film that has a 550 crores budget, you go with a certain number of online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Jio Cinema etc. So, for example, the makers must’ve approached a number, eg. 750 crores saying that Adipurush could make this much moolah at the box office, how much you’re interested in buying this for your platform?

After this conversation, the platform comes with a price keeping the box office predictions in mind and say: 250 crores. “We’ll give you 250 crore at best if your film goes how much you’re promising it to do,” could say the concerned authority on behalf of Netflix/Amazon Prime etc.

That’s when media houses are pumped to run the news “OTT rights for XYZ film sold for 250 Crores“, but that comes with an invisible asterisk that says, “Only if your film does as big as you’ve promised us in the first place.”

The question in many cases, including Adipurush, boils down to “What if it fails to touch the promised mark?” Then the makers decide a pre-set percentage of how much they can deduct if they earn in certain brackets below the promised mark. For eg: If it earns 100 crores less than the promised figure, the streaming giants could slash the fee by a pre-decided percentage.

In the case of Adipurush, there were reports that Netflix has bid 250 crore to grab Adipurush, and this was done, of course, before the release. But, that was backed with a certain number which won’t be achieved due to the film’s underwhelming box office performance.

Hence, Netflix could chop in a considerable amount of the decided amount of 250 crore, and it could be more than half states a source close to the team. The film is destined to lose 200-250 crore at the box office, and losing a huge chunk of its OTT rights would also result in further loss to the makers of Adipurush. If the makers deny accepting the final number, the streaming giant could step back and not release the film entirely. It seems like the film is doomed on OTT as well. Prabhas fans, thoughts?

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