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Taylor Lautner Recalls Regretful Moment In His Relationship With Ex- Girlfriend Taylor Swift! – Woman’s era

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift dated for a few months in 2009 and after more than a decade, Lautner just made a comment about his ex- girlfriend Taylor Swift.

Lautner discussed the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards debacle involving Swift and Kanye West.

Taylor Lautner’s wife Taylor Dome, who also goes by the name Taylor Lautner now, asked the Twilight star on their podcast The Squeeze which time he would like to go back to if he could. According to Eonline, this video was posted on TikTok on February 1.

Taylor Swift is a well-known celebrity who is well-known for her music; all of her songs are more than simply songs; they tell beautiful stories. Her personal life, like her music, has long been a topic of discussion among her admirers, particularly her connection with Twilight star Taylor Lautner.

Lautner said without hesitating that he would like to return to the 2009 VMAs, when he presented the trophy to his then-partner Taylor Swift and “was ignorant that the whole Kanye West thing was not a comedy.”

The actor recalled further specifics about the night and stated that he was set to deliver the award to the Anti-Hero singer.

He went on to say that he took five steps back after delivering her the trophy and realised Kanye had leapt onto the stage in the middle of Swift’s thank you speech. He went on to say that he couldn’t grasp much of what was going on because he couldn’t hear or see them.

“I can hardly make it out. They are invisible to me “Lautner revealed. “I’m guessing this was all a scripted farce, since why else would Kanye West be leaping on stage and interrupting Taylor Swift? It simply didn’t make sense.”

The actor went on to say that it wasn’t until Swift turned around and he saw her face that he understood something was wrong. “He leapt off. She had finished. ‘Oh,’ I thought as she turned around and I saw her face for the first time. No. “That wasn’t good,” he said.

He was so naive that he cracked up on stage to go through with it. But when he saw Taylor Swift’s expression, he realised it wasn’t a hoax.

When Kanye West finished his performance, he jumped off the platform, and the Twilight actor noticed Swift’s expression. “He stepped off,” he said as he recalled that moment. She had finished. ‘Oh,’ I thought as she turned around and I saw her face for the first time. No. That was not a good sign.’”

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner dated for a few months in 2009 before deciding to split up. Since then, the couple has moved on and dated various people. Taylor Lautner married Taylor Dome in November, after being in a four-year romance with her.

Taylor Swift, on the other hand, has been in a relationship with Joe Alwyn since 2016. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, has been with Joe Alwyn since 2016. The pair want to keep their relationship private.

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