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Suvahhdan Angre explores technology’s impact and Bill Gates conspiracy in The Dog’s Separation

Suvahhdan Suhas Angre, director of the award-winning Hindi film ‘Billu Ustaad,’ India’s first film on child terrorism and ‘Dreaded Gangster’, a biographical narrative about the notorious gangster Abu Salem which garnered significant attention and resulted in Angre receiving multiple death threats, takes up another bold subject in his upcoming film titled ‘The Dog’s Separation,’ based on true incidents related to the Bill Gates Foundation’s pre-COVID event 201. The film features Aditya Alankar, Leena Nandi and Mihtila Naik.

Previously, he has also assisted in A listed Indian films such as ‘Mangal Pandey,’ ‘Jodhaa Akbar,’ ‘Taasthu,’ ‘Shikhar’,‘Taare Zameen Par,’ ‘Om Jai Jagdish,’ ‘Na Tum Jaano Na Hum,’ ‘Ab Tak 56′ and Hollywood productions film ‘The Myth’.

Discussing the genesis of this idea, he stated, “The biggest inspiration was the pre-COVID event 201, which developed the concept of singularity in the world. The event, sponsored by the Bill Gates Foundation, witnessed the emergence of newer technologies like AI, space travel, and 5G, which have had a profound impact on human psychology. This psychological thriller emphasizes the effect of these technologies on the human mind.”

He shares insight into why he chose to replicate characters from Bill Gates’s life, stating, “There are always two sides to a coin. In investigating why COVID happened and why the world was paralyzed for four months, we encountered the world’s biggest conspirators in the form of Bill Gates, Elon Musk, etc. Mr. Gates, in his quest for global dominance, overlooked the creation of a parallel universe that significantly impacts humanity. A prime example is digital currency. Just imagine if we didn’t have the internet—how would money transactions occur? How would ATMs function?”

Suvahhdan further spills the beans about the film’s subject by stating, “The original storyline and content culminate in a gripping thriller climax. The story expresses the emotions of a high profilic couple whose trials and tribulations of divorce are shown in a sarcastic way who are fighting over the custody of their dog Jimmy in a sarcastic way. The stark reality surrounding this subject is something every human needs to comprehend.”

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