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Sunny Leone On Keeping Her Kids Away From Stardom: ‘I Don’t Show Them My Work…’ | Exclusive

Sunny Leone is mother two three kids – Nisha, Asher and Noah.

Sunny Leone shares she doesn’t let her children watch her work. She also reveals how they react when they watch her on TV and see fans approach her for selfies.

Sunny Leone adopted her first child, Nisha, with her husband Daniel Weber in 2017. A year later, they welcomed their twin boys – Asher and Noah – who were born through surrogacy. Unlike many celebrity parents, Sunny has never shied away from sharing glimpses of her children on social media. And while parenting children under constant public glare and media scrutiny is no cakewalk, Sunny in a freewheeling chat with News18 Showsha reveals that she successfully keeps them away from the stardom and the life she leads as a public figure.

She exclusively tells us, “My children keep asking me, ‘Why do people want pictures with you, mommy?’ I explain to them that just how they love Spiderman and the Hulk, people feel the same feeling when they see me on TV or otherwise.” Further speaking about how she’s trying to give them a normal childhood away from the glitz of showbiz, she adds, “I also tell them, ‘Remember how you felt when you saw The Transformers on TV? That’s exactly how these people feel.’ To be honest, they don’t understand that just yet. Also, I don’t show them my work.”

However, the only exception made by her is when she receives a rare request from one of her kids to watch her songs on television. “Sometimes my kids come and tell me that they want to see one of my songs and that’s when do I revisit them. Otherwise, I never watch my old songs by myself. Having said that, when I see myself on TV randomly, I go, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s me!’ I get very excited like one of those kids in the entertainment field who see themselves on the screen for the first time (chuckles). In fact, I don’t even watch the playback during shoots,” she shares.

But she’s quick to add that the one thing she has exposed her children to is her singing. Prod her further and she laughs, “I come last in singing. My children are the only people who like my singing. I’ve a certificate at home that says ‘Sunny cannot and shouldn’t be allowed to sing’. It was given to me by someone. And there’s no doctor that can fix this problem!”

On the work front, the 42-year-old had her latest music video titled Third Party recently released which also features IAS officer-cum-actor Abhishek Singh. Despite being a part of some chartbusters like Baby Doll, Pink Lips and Laila Main Laila, which shot her to prominence as a dancer, she believes that she isn’t great at dancing.

“I’m not that great. I’ve two left feet most of the time. I’m constantly worried that I might step on or hit somebody. We’ve a waacking section in this song. When I saw it, I thought I was going to cry because I didn’t know how I would be able to do it. I thought it was nuts! It was a full 20-30 seconds of waacking. There were so many steps and it was scary. God bless those people who waack!” the Kennedy actor says.

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