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Sukesh Chandrashekhar VS Mika Singh: Controversy Over Jacqueline Fernandez’s Photo Comment

In the age of social media, even the simplest of comments can snowball into a full-blown controversy. The latest showdown involves alleged conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar and popular singer-composer Mika Singh, all triggered by a comment on actress Jacqueline Fernandez’s Instagram post featuring Hollywood icon Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The Spark: Mika Singh’s Deleted Comment

The saga began when Mika Singh commented on Jacqueline’s photo, proclaiming, “You are looking so beautiful.., he is much better than #sukesh..” This seemingly innocuous statement quickly caught fire, drawing widespread attention before Mika hastily removed it. Little did he know that this comment would set off a chain reaction of legal action.

The Legal Battle: Sukesh Chandrashekhar Strikes Back

In response to Mika Singh’s comment, Sukesh Chandrashekhar decided to take matters into his own hands. He sent a legal notice to the singer, demanding an apology for what he perceives as tarnishing his image. Sukesh’s lawyer, Anant Malik, stated that Mika’s comment had subjected his client to a de facto trial by media, amplifying his distress and exposing him to relentless media scrutiny.

The Broader Implications: Trial by Social Media

This incident underscores the growing influence of social media in shaping public perceptions and the potential consequences for individuals who become the centre of online storms. A seemingly innocuous comment can escalate into a legal battle, leaving both parties embroiled in controversy.

The Power of Words: A Lesson in Social Media Responsibility

Mika Singh’s deleted comment serves as a stark reminder that words wield immense power in the digital age. Even a momentary lapse in judgment can lead to unintended consequences, affecting not only the individuals involved but also their reputation and legal standing.


As the legal battle between Sukesh Chandrashekhar and Mika Singh unfolds, it serves as a cautionary tale for anyone engaging in social media discourse. In the digital realm, words can be weapons, and the consequences of their use can reverberate far beyond the virtual world. The outcome of this controversy remains uncertain, but it undoubtedly highlights the need for greater responsibility and awareness when navigating the complex landscape of social media.

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