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Shubhashree Ganguly Faces Criticism For Kissing Hubby Raj Chakrabarty; Bengali Actress Rebuts

Bengali A-list actress Subhashree Ganguly is ready to star in Hoichoi’s up-and-coming web series Indubala Bhaater Hotel. Ahead of the show’s release on March 8, she opened up about playing a 75-year-old, juggling work and family, dealing with online trolls as well as her husband-filmmaker Raj Chakrabarty’s political activities.

Shubhashree said that the web series Indubala Bhaater Hotel is more than food. She explained that people say the taste is a memory. With food, humans create a lot of memories and stories. It does not matter whether people are eating out or with their family. From the age of 4 to 75, Indubala’s journey is all about her memories.

The series shows the emotional connection between the then East and West Bengal. Often such things make people sensitive. She shared, “It’s definitely sensitive. I think we are the same, we always feel that way.”

She added that these people are from two different countries but somehow they feel that they are connected because of their language. Her director has made it careful. He made it with a lot of emotions. Shubhashree thinks where there are emotions and honesty, there cannot be any difficulty.

About kissing her husband Raj, she said that they are doing their job. She means every minute they kiss each other, and they will. Negative comments do not bother them at all. They care for those who truly love them. Shubhashree said that she as well as her family are very positive. She strongly said that they do not want to waste a single second on negativity.

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