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Shocking Attempt To Strangulate Charlie Sheen At His Malibu Home: Neighbour Arrested With A Deadly Weapon

Charlie Sheen, best known for his role in “Two and a Half Men,” was at the receiving end of a shocking attempt of strangulation at his Malibu home. According to sources, the attacker was a woman named Electra Schrock who was one of his neighbors. Police arrested the assailant for breaking into his house and trying to choke him. 

Aggressor Charged with Assault and Battery 

The woman was carrying a deadly weapon when she entered Charlie Sheen’s home. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department arrested Miss Schrock for the alleged break-in. They got a frantic call from the actor earlier this week regarding a “battery and home disturbance” and immediately responded. Per reports, the woman first knocked on Sheen’s door and when she didn’t get an invitation, forced her way inside. 

Charlie Escaped Sustaining Bodily Injury

As the deputies took her into custody for the residential burglary attack, they said that Charle Sheen was safe now. They have successfully avoided the occurrence of theft or grave bodily injury to the Hollywood star. The 47-year-old attacker was armed with a deadly weapon; however, the cops arrived before she could use it to harm Charlie. Still, she managed to rip off his shirt and make an attempt to strangle him before going to her home. Paramedics say that there was no need for Charlie to go to the hospital as he didn’t need medical attention. 

Not the First Attack on Charlie

People and TMZ report that Charlie Sheen had an altercation with the woman earlier. After contacting the parties involved, they learned that she recently sprayed his vehicle using a sticky liquid. They argued the incident, and Charlie believed they smoothed things out. But it seems that she held a grudge for whatever reason and hence, the Emmy-nominated actor became a victim of assault. Miss Schrock also dumped trash in his driveway on the day of the attack.

Charlie Sheen is 6 Years Sober Now

In his statement, Sheen said that he is currently 6 years sober and leading a healthier life than before. The 58-year-old, son of actor Martin Sheen, says that he is leading a consistent lifestyle now, in contrast to the days of his drug abuse and alcoholism. In the past, he had quite a reputation as a hard-partying bad boy, which was the inspiration for his character in “Two and a Half Men.” 

The talented actor is a single parent taking care of 14-year-old Max and Bob, his lovely twin boys. Charlie Sheen is famous for his roles in “Wall Street,” “Anger Management,” “Spin City,” “Major League,” and “The Three Musketeers.”


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