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Shloka Ambani’s Rs. 451 Crores Necklace Gets Vanished; Checkout This Controversial Reason!

Indian society’s crème de la crème attended the lavish wedding of Shloka Mehta and Akash Ambani. The extravagant present that Akash’s mother, Nita Ambani, gave to her daughter-in-law, however, was what garnered media attention. The most costly necklace in the world, produced by the reputed company Mouawad, costs Rs. 451 crores.

The Most Expensive Necklace in the World

A golden L’Incomparable Diamond that was internally perfect and weighed 407.48 carats was set into the necklace. A further 91 white diamonds were carved into different shapes, adding 200 carats to the necklace’s value. The necklace was a stunning item of jewelry that garnered much attention.

After the wedding, however, speculation about the necklace’s location spread. Was it kept in a safe, or did Shloka wear it on different occasions? The story grew more complicated when the necklace was altered significantly and presented at Sotheby’s in 2022.

The diamond was reworked to increase its depth, brightness, and shape, resulting in a significant weight reduction of 104.38 carats. The necklace had changed, and the yellow-hued diamond had become a 303.10-carat diamond.

The Enduring Mystery of Nita Ambani’s Gift to Shloka Mehta

Many were perplexed about why such an expensive piece of jewelry was drastically altered. Was the goal to boost its worth or make it more aesthetically pleasing? Who decided to modify the necklace and for what reasons is still unknown.

Some believe that Shloka requested the adjustments because she was unhappy with the initial design, while others think they were done to boost the necklace’s potential worth.

Whatever the cause, the public is fascinated and intrigued by the tale of Nita Ambani’s opulent gift and its subsequent change. It is uncertain if the necklace will alter again or if it will continue to exist in its present form for many years.

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