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Shark Tank India 3 Pitcher Calls Peyush Bansal ‘Worst’, Makes SHOCKING Comment: ‘He Used The Word…’

Peyush Bansal was seen consoling pitcher Soumya on Shark Tank India 3. (Photos: Instagram)

Shark Tank India 3 pitcher alleged that Peyush Bansal used her image to build his own PR and argued that it was a very “smart” move on his end.

In one of the recent episodes of Shark Tank India 3, we saw Peyush Bansal consoling a pitcher named Saumya Mishra after she broke down following an argument with Anupam Mittal. While everyone praised Peyush for his kind gesture, the pitcher has now made some shocking allegations. She was speaking to TOI recently when she claimed that Peyush was the “worst” shark on the show. She alleged that Bansal used her image to build his own PR and argued that it was a very “smart” move on his end.

“Whenever I tried to explain something, they were catching certain words and hammering them. Peyush used the word ‘ladki’, I never said that, you can see the episode and unedited version. All I said was that ‘client ko lagta hai jo bhi ladki mera kare woh trained ho.’ I always referred to our therapists as therapists, I was just putting the client’s version and it was just the phrase. Peyush just hung on to it and I think it was a very smart attempt to build his own PR,” Soumya said.

“In the episode, it seems like Peyush was very sweet as he came and consoled me but he was the worst of all. When I put my point of view and they saw that I was completely broken down. Just to bolden their image, he comes and says ‘main toh aapko feedback de raha tha’ and all of that. But all that Peyush was doing all this while was to build his own brand at the cost of my image,” she added.

During her pitch, Soumya was also tagged as “arrogant” by Anupam Mittal. The pitcher also talked about the same and shared that it left her disappointed because it “became about my character”. “I was scared of what kind of impression that will go to my own customers, employees, friends and everyone when the episode will air,” she said.

Soumya also clarified that on the show, she never meant to downgrade someone. She alleged that the sharks used her words and “really hammered me very badly with that”.

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