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“Shah Rukh Khan has always been a huge inspiration” – Ronit Agrawal – Planet Bollywood

The acting bug had bit Ronit Agrawal when he was still in school. As he grew older, he worked towards honing his craft and soon, he was taking up professional assignments as an actor. After appearing in short films like ‘In The Loop’, ‘Vaidya’, and ‘Two Answers’, Ronit is looking forward to the feature film ‘What A Kismat’ which also features veterans like Tiku Talsania and Bharat Dhabolkar in principal role.

You have stated in an interview that you experienced a great amount of growth after doing an acting course at Anupam Kher’s An Actor Prepares. How important, do you think, is training for an actor?

Training is important for every individual. As far as actors are concerned, they learn something new every day. If you ask me who the no.1 actor in the world is, I would say no one. I feel that even the greatest of actors in the world are learning and growing every day. That’s the beauty of this craft. Undergoing professional training in An Actor Prepares helped me a lot as an actor. I learnt a lot of things about the different aspects related to acting, including body language, which I was not aware of earlier. I also did a lot of theatre and that contributed to my growth as an actor as well.

When did you realize you want to pursue acting professionally?

I was passionate about acting right from my childhood. I used to dance in birthday parties and that’s how I got interested in showbiz. As a child, I was attracted to the glamour in the industry. As I grew older, I started appreciating the craft and the discipline associated with it.

You have named Daniel Day Lewis, Leonardo Di Caprio and Fahad Faasil as some of your favourite actors. Is there any actor in the Hindi film industry who has inspired you?

Shah Rukh Khan has always been a huge inspiration. He is somebody who came from Delhi and made it big without anybody’s support. Apart from his performances, his real life persona inspires me a lot.

Your upcoming film is titled ‘What A Kismat’. How was the experience of working with veterans like Tiku Talsania and Bharat Dhabolkar on this project?

It was incredible! Many of my scenes are with Tiku sir as he plays a police commissioner and I play an inspector. The film revolves around a cash-filled bag that gets stolen. It’s a comedy that will appeal to people of all ages.

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