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‘Shah Rukh Khan and Sex Sells In India’: Raj Kundra Opens Up About REAL Meaning of UT69

Curated By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: October 18, 2023, 17:47 IST

Raj Kundra makes a statement about SRK.

Raj Kundra shared the real meaning behind the title of his biopic and named Shah Rukh Khan in the process.

Raj Kundra annuonced that Shah Rukh Khan and sex sells in India and Bollywood during the trailer launch of his upcoming biopic, UT69. The businessman turns actor with the Bollywood film. On Wednesday, Raj officially removed his mask and came in front of the media to talk about his time in jail and his film. During the media interaction, Raj was asked about the real meaning behind the title of his film. Raj said it was his ID number in jail and went on to bring up SRK’s name.

A journalist asked the relevance of 69 in the title. Raj said his number in the jail was 69 and he realised it has religious connotations. He was then asked 69 has an innuendo attached to it. To this, Raj replied, “SRK and sex sell.”

Watch the video below:

Speaking about his time in jail and everything that unfolded thereafter, Raj teared up and confessed it was a painful time for him. In a video from the event, Raj was seen struggling to fight his tears before he eventually broke down. “Family pe mat jao yaar, kya bigaada hai maine?” he said as he cried. Raj took a quick moment to gather himself while his fans cheered him on. To lighten up the mood, Raj called himself the solo hero of his film, UT69, and even recreated Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic pose.

In another part of the press conference, Raj said, “I was wearing a mask only out of pain. The media trial was very painful. In fact, it was more painful than my legal trial. I don’t blame the media because they were doing their job but it was so painful that I had to wear a mask and cover up. I didn’t want to be seen or spotted or get my pictures clicked.”

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