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Selena Gomez Speaks Out: Hailey Bieber Receives Death Threats – Urges Fans to Stop the Hate!

Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber’s relationship has always been a subject of curiosity and fascination for fans since their connection through Justin Bieber. Despite being part of the same social circle for over a decade, rumors and drama have continued to swirl around them, fueled by the intense scrutiny of the public eye.

Recently, TikTok became the latest platform for fans to speculate about the dynamic between Selena and Hailey. Some fans claimed that Hailey and her friends were throwing shade at Selena, while others believed that Selena was doing the same toward Hailey.

Selenators Sending Death Threats To Hailey

The ongoing drama between Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber has reached a new level of toxicity, as Selena’s fans take their hatred towards Hailey to the extreme. The speculation surrounding the TikTok shade has sparked a wave of online abuse and negativity, with Hailey being the target of relentless attacks. The situation became so out of hand that Hailey reached out to Selena, asking her to intervene and put a stop to the hate.


Selena Gomez has stepped up to defend Hailey Bieber from the relentless hate and death threats the model has been receiving. Despite the internet’s baseless assumptions and speculations about their relationship, Gomez has proven that she is a true friend who stands by her loved ones through thick and thin.

Selena Raises Her Voice To Denounce Hate

In a world where social media has become a breeding ground for toxicity and negativity, Gomez’s decision to take a break from it all last month was a bold move. She recognized the importance of stepping back and focusing on her mental health rather than getting caught up in the drama and chaos of online interactions.

Now, she uses her voice to speak out against the hate and defend her ex’s wife, Hailey. She is a shining example of what it means to be a true friend and ally, especially when it comes to supporting and uplifting women. This isn’t the first time Selena has stepped up to defend Hailey Bieber against negativity and online hate.

Selena came forward to support Hailey

Selena Previously Posted About Stopping Hate Towards Hailey

In 2019, Selena took to Instagram to remind her fans that she stands for women supporting women and that tearing each other down is never acceptable. Although she didn’t mention Hailey by name, her message was clear: let’s spread kindness and positivity rather than hate and negativity.

She emphasized that regardless of the circumstances, she requests her fans to refrain from being impolite towards anyone. She kindly asked them not to express their transient emotions by saying hurtful things.

The ongoing controversy surrounding assumptions about Selena and Hailey’s relationship seems spiraling out of control, with no end in sight. However, Selena’s recent statement may finally put the matter to rest and bring some much-needed closure. Let’s see if this marks a turning point and if fans can move on from this topic with creativity and positivity.

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