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Sana Khan’s Husband’s Fiery Reaction As Paparazzi Swarm To Snap Baby’s First Pics!

Video shows Anas Sayed, Sana Khan’s husband, being enraged at photographers who took images of their three-month-old son at an airport goes viral. Anas Sayed, the husband of ex-actress Sana Khan, is shown losing his cool with the paparazzi in a video that has gone viral. The paparazzi were trying to take photographs of the couple’s 3-month-old son.

When the paparazzi tried to take a picture of the baby in the stroller, the happy couple was seen quickly covering the child’s face with the stroller’s cover and Anas yelling at the photographers to stop.

Issue in social media

Extreme comments have been posted online in response to his antics, with many users noting that it is fashionable in today’s society for celebrities to play up to the public while hiding their infant faces. It’s true that celebrities have a tough time keeping their private lives private in the age of social media.

Sana Khan gave birth to a son on June 5 and shared the happy news with the world via social media. Sana is known for being open and honest about her life; she even discussed the difficulties she encountered throughout her pregnancy. After a video of the former actress walking slowly with her full-term baby belly while her husband Anas dragged her hand and made her walk quicker went viral last year, Sana Khan gained a lot of attention. She is even continuing to get ample attention from the crowd.

However, after the video went viral online, Sana addressed the situation, explaining that the video depicted a fictitious scenario and that in reality, her husband had been assisting her with her walk since she was overheated and their vehicle was running a little behind schedule. This happened at last year’s Iftaar party hosted by Baba Siddiqui. Still fans are baffled at such an event and reactions are pouring down the social media world.

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