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“Samjhaya Tha Mat Karo”: Suresh Oberoi Speaks on Vivek Oberoi’s Past Relationship with Aishwarya Rai

Bollywood memory forever entrenches Vivek Oberoi and Aishwarya Rai’s stormy romance. Years after the film’s explosive conclusion, Vivek’s father, legendary actor Suresh Oberoi, has provided a rare insight into his thoughts. In a recent interview with Lehren, Suresh provided information about his first response to his son’s relationship with Aishwarya, hinting at his displeasure.

Unease in the Family

Suresh Oberoi confessed he hadn’t learned about the connection from the start. “Vivek never told me,” he explained, adding that he found out from filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma. Suresh expressed concern about the lack of communication, saying,

“I was unaware of most of the details. Vivek never kept me informed. Ramu (Ram Gopal Varma) was the one who brought it to my attention. Before Ramu, someone else had already informed me. I had to make him understand, “Samjhaya mat karo.”

While the grounds for his displeasure are unknown, it reflects a sense of discomfort inside the family.

Maintaining Balance

Suresh also discussed his friendship with Salman Khan, Aishwarya’s ex-partner.

“At the time of Vivek’s case and even now, I felt a sense of relief. Despite past events, we maintain an excellent rapport. Whenever Salman Khan approaches me, he discreetly hides his cigarette as a sign of respect before engaging in conversation. I often suggest to Vivek to seek blessings from Salim ji by touching his feet. My admiration for Salim Bhai remains unchanged. Although certain incidents occurred, my relationships are robust enough to withstand them.”

Time Heals All Wounds

Years have passed since the tumultuous affair and its tragic aftermath. As Vivek and Aishwarya have moved on to develop successful jobs and personal lives, it appears that the Oberoi family has also found acceptance and tolerance. The feeling reflects a sense of completion and a concentration on the present, leaving the prior chapters in the past.

Beyond the Headlines

Suresh Oberoi’s honest remarks provide a human perspective on a tale frequently sensationalized in the media. His statements emphasize the intricacies of family dynamics, making personal decisions, and prioritizing connections despite differences. While the fundamental nature of his disapproval remains unknown, it is evident that time has provided acceptance and a focus on the future, allowing for both forgiveness and onward mobility.

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