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Sahil Khan Skips Mumbai Police Probe In Mahadev Betting App Case

Sahil Khan, along with 31 other people, was summoned by the police.

Sahil Khan rose to the limelight after he starred in the iconic films Excuse Me and Style.

Sahil Khan, a prominent fitness influencer and entrepreneur in India, faced controversy after being summoned by the Mumbai Police’s crime branch for his involvement in promoting the Mahadev Betting App. Despite the police’s request for him to appear for further investigation, Sahil Khan failed to show up, sparking criticism as he remained active on social media.

Reports indicate that the crime branch, conducting an inquiry into the Mahadev betting app case, summoned Sahil Khan and three others to record their statements on December 15. However, Khan did not present himself before the police for investigation and, notably, continued to engage on social media during that period. He even posted a picture of himself sitting in a pool with the caption, “Good morning, Jumma Mubarak.” This has drawn attention and criticism as he seemingly ignored the police summons.

The controversy surrounding Sahil Khan’s connection to the Mahadev Betting App and his failure to comply with the police investigation has raised eyebrows, particularly as he remained active on social media platforms during the scheduled time for his appearance before the authorities.

As per the officials, a special investigation team (SIT) of Mumbai police has been formed to probe alleged illegal transactions between certain financial and real estate firms in the state and the promoters of the controversial Mahadev betting app. It has also been found that the size of the scam is about Rs 15,000 crore, and currently, the SIT official said that an investigation is going on against Sahil Khan and 31 other individuals in connection with the Mahadev betting app case. The probe will involve an examination of the bank accounts, mobile phones, laptops, and all other electronic equipment of all the people who have been summoned.

Sahil Khan rose to the limelight after he starred in the iconic films Excuse Me and Style. But then he left the acting industry to become a fitness expert.

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