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SA Chandrasekhar’s Iconic Neethiyin Marupakkam, Starring Vijayakanth, Turns 38

The film was released on September 27, 1985.

Legendary composer Ilaiyaraja provided the music for the film.

In the world of Tamil cinema, September 27 marks a significant milestone as the beloved film Neethiyin Marupakkam celebrates its 38th anniversary. This iconic movie not only captivated audiences with its compelling narrative but also played a pivotal role in revitalizing the careers of its director, SA Chandrasekhar, and the lead actor, Vijayakanth.

Released in 1985, Neethiyin Marupakkam, which translates to The Other Side of Justice, holds a cherished place in the hearts of Tamil film enthusiasts. Directed by SA Chandrasekhar, the film boasted a stellar cast, including Vijayakanth, Raadhika, Vadivukkarasi, and V. K. Ramasamy. The music for the film was masterfully composed by the renowned Ilaiyaraaja.

The plot of the film unfolds as a gripping tale of justice, where an innocent man, portrayed brilliantly by Vijayakanth as Vijayakumar, is falsely accused of murder. Raadhika, playing the role of a farmer’s daughter deeply in love with Vijayakumar, adds depth and emotion to the storyline. The antagonists, played by Radha Ravi, Vinu Chakravarthy, Sangili Murugan, and VK Ramasamy, conspire to frame Vijayakumar for his own brother’s murder.

The movie’s climax is a testament to its gripping storytelling, as the villains resort to desperate measures, including the kidnapping of the judge, in an attempt to alter the verdict. The ultimate decision of the judge becomes the cornerstone of the film’s resolution, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

What makes Neethiyin Marupakkam even more remarkable is its role in the careers of its director and lead actor. During the film’s release, director SA Chandrasekhar was facing a challenging phase, with his previous projects failing to make an impact. It was this film that marked his resurgence in the industry, reaffirming his directorial prowess.

Interestingly, the journey to cast Vijayakanth in the lead role was not without its twists and turns. Producer PS Veerappa approached Chandrasekhar when he was at one of the lowest points in his career and asked him to make a movie. Prabhu, a prominent actor at the time, was initially offered the lead role but declined. Subsequently, Karthik was approached, but he too declined the offer. Finally, the opportunity was extended to Vijayakanth, who needed work at the time. The film was initially titled The Testimony and was a remake of the Malayalam film Raktham.

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