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‘Restructure The City’: T. Rajendar Urges Local Bodies To Address Chennai Flood Woes

T Rajendar has also been actively involved in politics.

Recently, Chennai was flooded due to Cyclone Michaung, which caused a terrible situation in the capital of Tamil Nadu.

Tamil actor and former legislator T. Rajendar, a multifaceted personality known for his contributions to the Tamil film industry, recently organized a press conference to address the recent floods in Chennai. As a figure actively involved in Tamil Nadu politics, Rajendar offered insights into the causes and potential solutions for the flooding incidents.

In the press conference, T. Rajendar emphasised the crucial role of local bodies in implementing effective measures to maintain surplus water canals in Chennai, preventing flood situations. Drawing attention to the aftermath of Cyclone Michaung, which triggered floods and wreaked havoc, Rajendar underscored the need for proactive measures to avoid such crises in the future.

Expressing concern over the changing landscape of Chennai, Rajendar noted that the proliferation of apartments, buildings, and structures has increased from 15 per cent to 75 per cent in the city. This urban expansion, according to him, has left little space for excess water to escape, contributing to the flood-like situation in Chennai.

During his interaction with the media, T. Rajendar proposed the construction of lakes and ponds throughout the city, similar to those established during historical periods. He stressed the importance of reevaluating and restructuring Chennai to accommodate the rising population while ensuring effective water drainage systems. Rajendar’s insights and recommendations align with the broader discussion on urban planning and infrastructure development in rapidly growing cities.

The recent floods in Chennai, a result of Cyclone Michaung, severely affected residents across the city, compelling many to evacuate their homes. T. Rajendar, known for his philanthropic activities, has been actively involved in providing aid to those affected by the natural disaster. As part of relief efforts, tokens are being distributed to affected individuals to facilitate the receipt of assistance.

T. Rajendar’s press conference shed light on the environmental and infrastructural challenges contributing to Chennai’s flooding incidents. His recommendations for improved water management and urban planning serve as valuable contributions to the ongoing discussions surrounding disaster mitigation and city development in the region.

The actor-turned-politician’s call for a comprehensive restructuring of Chennai reflects a broader awareness of the need for sustainable solutions to address the consequences of urbanization and natural disasters in rapidly evolving metropolitan areas.

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