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From Fantastic Four to Avengers: Secret Wars, here’s a detailed look at MCU Phase 6 movies.

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 6 is going to be an exhilarating journey for fans of the beloved franchise. With a slew of new films on the way, the MCU is on track to maintain its unmatched victory in the world of superhero cinema. Marvel has many coming films with release dates, and even more beyond that. Thus, Marvel’s Phase 6 is still taking place, but we’ll have to wait a little longer for things to get started in the last phase of the Multiverse Saga. For the time being, check out the list of MCU Phase 6 Movies below!

Fantastic Four

Release Date: May 2, 2025

Fantastic Four is a 2005 American superhero film based on the same-named Marvel Comics superhero team. A new film starring the squad is currently under development as part of Phase 6 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The plots revolve around four main characters, formally known as Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Ben Grimm, and Johnny Storm, and how they adapt to their superpowers.

In July 2019, during the San Diego Comic-Con, Kevin Feige unveiled Marvel Studios’ plans to develop a Fantastic Four movie for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). During the D23 ExpoKevin Feige confirmed Matt Shakman (who directed the Marvel Studios Disney+ series WandaVision) as the director. Filming is set to commence in early 2024 at Pinewood Studios in London. Fantastic Four is scheduled to be released on May 2, 2025, and will be the first movie of Phase 6.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty 

Release Date: May 1, 2026

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is the fifth Avengers film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will bring together heroes, new and old, to face off against the omnipotent Kang the Conquerer. It is the 42nd film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and one of the most awaited instalments in Phase 6.

As of Oct 2023, little is known about the film other than Johnathan Majors will be reprising his role as Kang the Conqueror, first appearing in Loki as “He Who Remains.”  Kang made his villainous debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania in 2023. rewrite It is expected that many members of the Young Avengers (such as Cassie Lang and Kate Bishop) will be a part of the film as central characters.

Avengers: The Kang Dynasty is directed by Shang-Chi’s Destin Daniel Cretton with a screenplay penned by Jeff Loveness.

Avengers: Secret Wars

Release Date: May 7, 2027

Avengers: Secret Wars is the sixth Avengers film and takes place during phase six of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Several heroes from previous phases will return to combat against a cosmic threat to rival Thanos in the film, which borrows aspects from the Marvel Comics event of the same name. It will be the final chapter of the MCU Multiverse Saga.

As the sixth major crossover event within the Avengers franchise, Secret Wars is set to continue the events in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, while also serving as the concluding chapter of MCU Phase 6. Avengers: Secret Wars is guaranteed to have a huge cast as all the superheroes band together against the new MCU villain, Kang the Conqueror.

Apart from these confirmed Phase 6 movies, there are many Marvel movies in development. Some of them are:

Untitled Spider-Man: No Way Home sequel

Release date: TBA

In November 2021, producer Amy Pascal announced that Sony and Marvel Studios were in the early stages of preparing to create a minimum of three additional Spider-Man movies featuring Tom Holland in the role of Peter Parker / Spider-Man, with the initial instalment in this series set to commence production. Nothing much is known at this point except that the scripting work was put on hold because of the 2023 Writers Guild of America strike.

Untitled Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings sequel

Release date: TBA

In December 2021, a sequel to Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) was announced to be in development, with Destin Daniel Cretton returning to write and direct. Liu was also expected to return as Shang-Chi. Liu said in July 2023 that he was unsure when the film would be made. He had been told that it would be released after Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (2026).

Untitled X-Men film

Release date: TBA

During the July 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Kevin Feige revealed that mutants, including the X-Men, were in the MCU’s future plans. He emphasized that the terms “mutants” and “X-Men” were interchangeable and that the MCU’s interpretation would distinguish itself from the 20th Century Fox’s X-Men film series. Fast forward to September 2023, Marvel Studios was gearing up to convene with writers for an X-Men film slated for development later that year.

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