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‘Relatives, Close People Are One Who Rape’: Uorfi Javed Talks About Girls Safety

TV actress and internet sensation Uorfi Javed aka Urfi is as bold in her sayings as she is with her fashion sense. She expresses her opinions on public platforms in the most honest way. Whether it is a social issue or about her family, Urfi always believes in speaking openly.

Recently, the actress has given her opinion about girls’ safety and said that the only the people who do heinous things like rape are their relatives and close people around them.

Urfi appeared on Ranveer Allahabadia’s podcast show some time ago. During this, Ranveer asked him if girls and boys are brought up differently. On this, the actress replied, ‘Yes. This is also because the girls have to be protected so that the outsider doesn’t do anything. But isn’t it strange that people around us and our relatives only do these things. And when a girl tells her mother that a relative has done this to her, her parents silence her.”

The actress further said that according to her it is easy to control girls. “This has been going on since time immemorial. Especially people of earlier times used to say that the women and daughters of our house did not even step out of the house without their consent,” added Urfi.

In this interaction, Urfi also told how much torture her personal life has been. She was treated badly by her father. He used to beat her. Due to all this, she was fed up.

Workwise, Uorfi Javed appeared last in MTV Splitsvilla Season 14. Apart from this, she keeps making public appearances in risqué outfits. Due to this, she often comes into discussion on social media.

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