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Redefining Raksha Bandhan: Shweta Tripathi Sharma’s bond with acid attack survivors radiates strength and awareness

Shweta Tripathi Sharma, a prominent entertainment figure, has showcased her heartfelt support for acid attack survivors in a truly impactful manner. As a distinguished panelist at an event to mark the ‘Kshitij Festival’ at Mithibai College, she engaged in discussions that illuminated the struggles faced by these survivors while also underscoring the vital need for raising awareness about their challenges.

During this event, Shweta eloquently reflected, “We, as a society, have taken considerable time to discuss this, to shine a light on this crucial subject. Kudos to the entire team of ‘Kshitij’ for championing a conversation on such an essential topic. We often expect others to be the heroes, but in reality, ‘we’ must be our own heroes.” The panel discussion, of which Shweta was an integral part, emerged as a pivotal platform that paved the way for fostering a healthier society, one that embraces and accepts acid attack survivors.

In a profoundly moving gesture, Shweta visited the Sheroes cafe in Lucknow, an establishment entirely managed by acid attack survivors. Sharing her experience, she recounted, “When I was in Lucknow, I was compelled to visit the cafe. We often live in our own bubbles, believing what we are going through is the only reality. Stepping out of that bubble to witness others’ experiences is essential. When I revisited Sheroes cafe while researching for ‘Kaalkoot,’ I had a brief interaction with the survivors. I realized they identified themselves as survivors, whereas I associated them with the term ‘victims.’ This distinction is crucial. They haven’t just survived; they’ve triumphed over their circumstances and continue to do so daily. We often assume certain things won’t happen to us, but it’s our responsibility to ensure no one suffers. It’s not just our actions that matter, but the impact we have on those around us.”

Shweta’s recent portrayal of Parul, an acid attack survivor, in the movie “Kaalkoot” deeply resonated with her. She expressed her appreciation for the role, stating, “I felt grateful. Such roles aren’t easy to come by. Parul isn’t based on a real individual, but her character is a tribute to the countless girls and boys we encounter.”

Approaching Raksha Bandhan, Shweta’s decision to celebrate it with acid attack survivors underscores the universal nature of protection. She shared her thoughts, saying, “Protection should transcend religious, class, age, and creed boundaries. Being able to protect someone is a beautiful sentiment. This Raksha Bandhan, I aim to focus on safeguarding myself, not only from others, but from my own thoughts too. It starts with adopting positive thinking and healthy habits.”

Adding to the excitement, Shweta offered insights into her upcoming projects. “I’m set to begin shooting for ‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen’ season 2. Additionally, there’s ‘Mirzapur 3’ in the pipeline.”

Shweta Tripathi Sharma’s authentic actions and words underscore her unwavering commitment to driving positive change and raising awareness about the struggles acid attack survivors face.

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