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Rapper Badshah fulfills cancer patients wishes; performs live at hospital

In a heartwarming display of compassion and optimism, global music mogul and mentor, Badshah, paid a special visit to one of the world’s largest cancer centers, Tata Memorial Hospital this afternoon and exhibited his good Samaritan side.

Amidst the sea of anticipation, Badshah made his way directly to the pediatric ward, where the little warriors in a critical condition were eagerly waiting for their surprise visitor. Greeted by cheerful applause and faces beaming with gratitude, Badshah wasted no time, expressing his admiration for their strength and determination to fight against cancer. Each of the 50 young children in the pediatric ward received a personal visit and bespoke merchandise from him, whilst they engaged in a heartily healthy banter. He listened intently to their stories, fears, and dreams, promising to keep them in his prayers and urging them to never lose hope. During these intimate encounters, Badshah discovered remarkable talent hidden within these children as he encountered budding writers, aspiring musicians, and painters with awe-inspiring creativity.

As an honorary gesture, Badshah also performed for over 300 cancer patients and survivors who waited eagerly in the hospital’s auditorium for their once-in-a-lifetime moment. By belting out his evergreen hits such as ‘Kar Gayi Chull’,‘Jugnu’, Bachpan Ka Pyaar and Genda Phool’ , Badshah brought about a palpable transformation in the auditorium. Momentarily, the children were transported from the haunting world where cancer was an afterthought, where they could revel in the artistry of Badshah’s energetic music.

An extraordinary highlight of the performance occurred in the form of an impromptu live collaboration between Badshah and a 10-year-old cancer patient, Ayub Siddq Mohd Shah who is currently undergoing cancer treatment at the hospital. The pair engaged in a fitting but heartwarming duet on Badshah’s 2018 released single ‘Heartless’ from his album ‘ONE’ with Ayub confidently exhibiting his rap skills alongside his evergreen music idol.

As a special gesture from the hospital’s end, some of the children showcased a special act on ‘Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai’, ‘DJ Waley Babu’ and ‘Jugnu’, in a way to express their excitement and happiness.

After the 30-minute live performance, Badshah’s representatives gifted personalized hampers consisting of t-shirts, headgear and bottles to the gathering. The children’s eyes sparkled with joy as they realized they would get a piece of their idol to treasure forever.

Although Badshah whose real name is Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia is an ardent philanthropist, he has successfully managed to keep his humanitarian endeavors out of the public glare. Speaking on the occasion Badshah said, “Kudos to ImPaCCT Foundation and Tata Memorial Hospital for the exemplary work they are doing towards the enrichment of the lives of these young warriors. Their commitment to the community is not only inspiring, but it shows how much the human tribe can accomplish when working in unison. Life is beautiful, if only we know how to live it even in the darkest of circumstances and these children are testimony to this fact! It was inspiring to see their resilient spirit and radiant enthusiasm and I am grateful for moments like these. I salute their courage and strength and God bless them all.”

Dr. C.S. Pramesh, Director, Tata Memorial Hospital stated, “Badshah is very popular amongst all of our patients, particularly children! The journey of cancer is not easy for the children and music helps them to forget their aches and pains and makes them happy and energetic! I am very grateful to Badshah for taking out time to come to the hospital and interact with the children and perform for them!”

ImPaCCT Foundation, Tata Memorial Hospital’s Officer-in-Charge, Shalini Jatia added on, “Badshah’s visit to the Tata Memorial Hospital will inspire many more in the music industry to follow suit. His efforts not only touched the lives of our young cancer warriors but also served as a reminder to all that a single act of kindness and positivity can have an immense impact on those in need. Badshah’s actions spoke louder than words. He took the time to really engage with all the children and ensured they all had a good time, including those admitted in the ward. That really stood out for us.”

As he exited the hospital, Badshah knew that he had made a difference, fostering a spirit of hope and strength that would inspire these children as they continued their battle against cancer.

Badshah’s visit to Tata Memorial Hospital left an indelible mark on the lives of all present. Through his performance and personal interactions, he managed to instill hope, optimism, and inspire the patients to forge ahead with unwavering determination. Complementing formal medical treatments, his visit served as a reminder of the transformative power of music and the therapeutic benefits it can provide during challenging times. Badshah’s kind-hearted endeavor left a lasting impression on the hospital staff, the patients, and society at large, igniting a collective spirit of compassion and resilience towards fighting cancer.

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